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14 So you must give farewell gifts
    to Moresheth[a] in Gath.
The houses in Aczib[b] will be false help
    to the kings of Israel.
15 I will bring against you people who will take your land,
    you who live in Mareshah.[c]
The glory of Israel
    will go in to Adullam.
16 Cut off your hair to show you are sad
    for the children you love.
Make yourself bald like the eagle,
    because your children will be taken away to a foreign land.

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  1. 1:14 Moresheth This may be a play on the word “engaged,” referring to a farewell gift to a bride.
  2. 1:14 Aczib This name means “lie” or “trick.”
  3. 1:15 Mareshah This name sounds like the Hebrew word for a person who captures other cities and lands.