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14 Therefore you must give back the dowry
    to Moresheth-gath;
The houses of Achzib[a] are a dry stream bed
    to the kings of Israel.
15 Again I will bring the conqueror to you,
    inhabitants of Mareshah;
The glory of Israel shall come
    even to Adullam.
16 Make yourself bald, cut off your hair,
    for the children whom you cherish;
Make yourself bald as a vulture,
    for they are taken from you into exile.[b]

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  1. 1:14 The houses of Achzib: there is a wordplay here. In the Hebrew, the word translated here as “dry stream bed” is ’achzab; this word is sometimes translated as “deception” or “disappointment.”
  2. 1:16 Shaving the head was a sign of mourning; cf. Is 3:24; Am 8:10.