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32 And Hashem shall return his dahm upon his own rosh, who fell upon two anashim more tzadikim and tovim than he, and killed them with the cherev, Dovid Avi not knowing thereof: Avner Ben Ner, Sar Tzava Yisroel, and Amasa Ben Yeter, Sar Tzava Yehudah.

33 Let their dahm therefore turn back upon the rosh Yoav, and upon the rosh of his zera l’olam; but upon Dovid, and upon his Zera, and upon his Bais, and upon his Kisse, let there be shalom ad olam from Hashem.

34 So Benayah Ben Yehoyada went up, and fell upon him, and executed him; and he was buried in his bais (house, i.e., in court or garden of his house) in the midbar.

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