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50 Then Jesus cried out with a loud voice again and died.[a] 51 Suddenly, the curtain[b] in the sanctuary was torn in two from top to bottom, the earth shook, rocks were split open, 52 tombs were opened, and many[c] saints who had died[d] were brought back to life. 53 After his resurrection, they came out of their tombs, went into the Holy City,[e] and appeared to many people.

54 When the centurion[f] and those guarding Jesus with him saw the earthquake and the other things that were taking place, they were terrified and said, “This man certainly was the Son of God!”

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  1. Matthew 27:50 Or and gave up his spirit
  2. Matthew 27:51 This curtain separated the Holy Place from the Most Holy Place.
  3. Matthew 27:52 Lit. and the corpses of many
  4. Matthew 27:52 Lit. fallen asleep
  5. Matthew 27:53 I.e. Jerusalem
  6. Matthew 27:54 A Roman centurion commanded about 100 men.