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Do not give didōmi what ho is holy hagios to ho dogs kyōn, and mēde do not throw ballō · ho your hymeis pearls margaritēs in front emprosthen of ho pigs choiros, lest mēpote the pigs trample katapateō them autos under en · ho their autos feet pous, and kai the dogs turn strephō and tear rhēgnymi you hymeis to pieces.

Ask aiteō and kai it will be given didōmi to you hymeis, seek zēteō and kai you will find heuriskō, knock krouō and kai it will be opened anoigō for you hymeis. For gar everyone pas who ho asks aiteō receives lambanō, and kai everyone who ho seeks zēteō finds heuriskō, and kai for everyone who ho knocks krouō it will be opened anoigō.

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