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11 If ei then oun you hymeis, who are eimi evil ponēros, know oida how to give didōmi good agathos gifts doma to ho your hymeis children teknon, how posos much more mallon will · ho your hymeis Father patēr · ho in en · ho heaven ouranos give didōmi good agathos things to ho those who ask aiteō him autos!

12  So oun whatever hosos ean you would like thelō others anthrōpos to hina do poieō to you hymeis, · ho do poieō also kai to them autos, for gar this houtos is eimi the ho law nomos and kai the ho prophets prophētēs.

13  Enter eiserchomai through dia the ho narrow stenos gate pylē. For hoti wide platys is the ho gate pylē and kai easy eurychōros the ho way hodos that ho leads apagō to eis · ho destruction apōleia, and kai many polys are eimi those ho who enter eiserchomai through dia it autos.

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