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16 Let your hymeis light phōs shine lampō · ho like that houtōs before emprosthen · ho others anthrōpos, so hopōs that they may see your hymeis · ho good kalos works ergon and kai glorify doxazō · ho your hymeis Father patēr who ho is in en · ho heaven ouranos.”

17  Do not think nomizō that hoti I came erchomai to abolish katalyō the ho law nomos or ē the ho prophets prophētēs. I did not ou come erchomai to abolish katalyō, but alla to fulfill plēroō. 18 I tell legō you hymeis the truth amēn, until heōs an · ho heaven ouranos and kai · ho earth pass away parerchomai, not ou a single heis iota iōta or ē one heis little stroke keraia will pass parerchomai from apo the ho law nomos until heōs an everything pas takes ginomai place .

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