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In en · de · ho those ekeinos days hēmera John Iōannēs the ho Baptist baptistēs began paraginomai his mission in en the ho wilderness erēmos of ho Judea Ioudaia, proclaiming kēryssō, · kai Repent metanoeō, for gar the ho kingdom basileia of ho heaven ouranos is at hand engizō. For gar this houtos is eimi he ho who was spoken legō of by dia Isaiah ēsaias the ho prophet prophētēs when he said legō, ‘The voice phōnē of one crying boaō out in en the ho wilderness erēmos: Prepare hetoimazō the ho way hodos of the Lord kyrios; make poieō his autos paths tribos straight.’” · ho

Now de · ho John Iōannēs wore echō · ho clothing endyma made of apo camel’ s kamēlos hair thrix, with kai a leather dermatinos belt zōnē about peri · ho his autos waist osphys; · ho and de his autos food trophē was eimi locusts akris and kai wild agrios honey meli. At that time tote people were going ekporeuomai out to pros him autos from Jerusalem Hierosolyma and kai all pas · ho Judea Ioudaia and kai all pas the ho region perichōros along the ho Jordan Iordanēs, and kai they were being baptized baptizō by hypo him autos in en the ho Jordan Iordanēs River potamos, confessing exomologeomai · ho their autos sins hamartia.

But de when he saw many polys of the ho Pharisees Pharisaios and kai Sadducees Saddoukaios coming erchomai for epi · ho baptism baptisma, he said legō to them autos, “ You brood gennēma of vipers echidna! Who tis warned hypodeiknymi you hymeis to flee pheugō from apo the ho coming mellō wrath orgē? Therefore oun bear poieō fruit karpos worthy axios of ho repentance metanoia, and kai do not presume dokeō you can say legō to en yourselves heautou, ‘ We have echō · ho Abraham Abraam as our father patēr’; for gar I say legō to you hymeis that hoti God theos is able dynamai · ho from ek · ho these houtos stones lithos to raise egeirō up children teknon to ho Abraham Abraam. 10 Even de now ēdē the ho axe axinē is lying keimai at pros the ho root rhiza of the ho trees dendron; so oun any pas tree dendron that does not bear poieō good kalos fruit karpos will be cut ekkoptō down and kai thrown ballō into eis the fire pyr.

11  I egō baptize baptizō you hymeis with en water hydōr for eis repentance metanoia, but de the ho one who comes erchomai after opisō me egō is eimi greater ischuros than I egō I am eimi not ou worthy hikanos even to remove bastazō his hos · ho sandals hypodēma. He autos will baptize baptizō you hymeis with en the Holy hagios Spirit pneuma and kai with fire pyr. 12 His hos · ho winnowing fork ptyon is in en · ho his autos hand cheir, and kai he will clean diakatharizō out · ho his autos threshing halōn floor and kai gather synagō · ho his autos wheat sitos into eis the ho barn apothēkē; but de the ho chaff achuron he will burn katakaiō up with unquenchable asbestos fire pyr.”

13 Then tote Jesus Iēsous came paraginomai · ho from apo · ho Galilee Galilaia to pros John Iōannēs at epi the ho Jordan Iordanēs river · ho · ho to be baptized baptizō by hypo him autos. 14 · ho But de John Iōannēs tried diakōlyō to prevent him autos, saying legō, “ I egō need chreia echō to be baptized baptizō by hypo you sy, and kai yet do you sy come erchomai to pros me egō?” 15 But de Jesus Iēsous answered apokrinomai · ho him autos, “ Let aphiēmi it be so now arti; for gar in this way houtōs it is eimi fitting prepō for us hēmeis to fulfill plēroō all pas righteousness dikaiosynē.” Then tote he allowed aphiēmi him autos. 16 And de when Jesus Iēsous was baptized baptizō, · ho just as he was coming anabainō up from apo the ho water hydōr, · kai the ho heavens ouranos were opened anoigō, and kai he saw the ho Spirit pneuma of ho God theos descending katabainō like hōsei a dove peristera and kai lighting erchomai on epi him autos. 17 And kai a voice phōnē from ek · ho heaven ouranos said legō, “ This houtos is eimi · ho my egō Son hyios, the ho Beloved agapētos, in en whom hos I delight eudokeō.”

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