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He is eimi not ou here hōde, for gar he has been raised egeirō, just kathōs as he said legō. Come deute, see the ho place topos where hopou he was lying keimai. · kai Go poreuō quickly tachus and tell legō · ho his autos disciples mathētēs that hoti he has been raised egeirō from apo the ho dead nekros and kai is going proagō ahead of you hymeis to eis · ho Galilee Galilaia. You will see horaō him autos there ekei. Remember idou, I have told legō you hymeis.”

So kai they left aperchomai the ho tomb mnēmeion at once tachus, with meta fear phobos and kai great megas joy chara, and ran trechō to break apangellō the news to ho his autos disciples mathētēs.

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