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27 Early prōia in the morning , · de all pas the ho ruling archiereus priests and kai the ho elders presbyteros of the ho people laos laid lambanō plans symboulion against kata · ho Jesus Iēsous, how hōste they might put thanatoō him autos to death . And kai when they had bound deō him autos, they led apagō him away and kai turned paradidōmi him over to Pilate Pilatos the ho governor hēgemōn.

Then tote when Judas Ioudas, his autos betrayer paradidōmi, saw · ho that hoti Jesus was condemned katakrinō, he was filled metamelomai with remorse and brought strephō the ho thirty triakonta silver argyrion coins back to the ho ruling archiereus priests and kai elders presbyteros, saying legō, “ I have sinned hamartanō; I betrayed paradidōmi innocent athōos blood haima.” But de they ho said legō, “ What tis is that to pros us hēmeis? It is your sy responsibility horaō!” Then kai he threw rhiptō the ho silver argyrion coins into eis the ho temple naos and left anachōreō; and kai going aperchomai away , he hanged apanchō himself . But de the ho ruling archiereus priests , picking lambanō up the ho coins argyrion, said legō, “It is not ou lawful to put ballō these autos into eis the ho treasury korbanas, since epei it is eimi blood haima money timē.” So de they consulted lambanō with one another symboulion and with ek the money autos bought agorazō the ho potter’ s kerameus field agros · ho as eis a place taphē to bury · ho foreigners xenos. Therefore dio that ekeinos field agros has been called kaleō · ho the “ Field agros of Blood haima to heōs this ho very day sēmeron. Then tote was fulfilled plēroō that ho which was spoken legō by dia the ho prophet prophētēs Jeremiah Ieremias, saying legō, · kai They took lambanō the ho thirty triakonta silver argyrion coins , the ho price timē of ho him timaō on whom hos a price had been set timaō by apo some of the sons hyios of Israel Israēl, 10 and kai they gave didōmi them autos for eis the ho potter’ s kerameus field agros · ho as katha the Lord kyrios directed syntassō me egō.”

11 · ho Then de Jesus Iēsous stood histēmi before emprosthen the ho governor hēgemōn; and kai the ho governor hēgemōn questioned eperōtaō him autos, saying legō, “ Are eimi you sy the ho king basileus of the ho Jews Ioudaios?” · ho · de Jesus Iēsous said phēmi, “ You sy say legō so.” 12 But kai when en · ho he autos was accused katēgoreō by hypo the ho ruling archiereus priests and kai elders presbyteros, he gave no oudeis answer apokrinomai. 13 Then tote Pilate Pilatos said legō to him autos, · ho Do you not ou hear akouō how posos many accusations they are bringing against katamartyreō you sy?” 14 But kai Jesus refused ou to answer apokrinomai even oude a single heis charge rhēma, so hōste that the ho governor hēgemōn was greatly lian astonished thaumazō.

15 Now de at kata festival heortē time the governor hēgemōn was accustomed eiōtha · ho to release apolyō one heis prisoner desmios for the ho crowd ochlos, whomever hos they wanted thelō. 16 At that time tote they were holding echō · de in custody a notorious episēmos prisoner desmios named legō Jesus Iēsous Barabbas Barabbas. 17 So oun when the crowd autos had gathered synagō, Pilate Pilatos said legō to them autos, · ho Which tis one do you want thelō me to release apolyō for you hymeis: Jesus Iēsous · ho Barabbas Barabbas, or ē Jesus Iēsous who ho is called legō Messiah Christos?” 18 For gar he knew oida that hoti it was out dia of envy phthonos that they had handed paradidōmi him autos over . 19 But de while Pilate autos was sitting kathēmai on epi the ho judgment bēma seat , his autos wife gynē sent apostellō him autos · ho a message, saying legō, “Have nothing mēdeis · kai to do with ho that ekeinos innocent dikaios man ; for gar I have suffered paschō many polys things in kata a dream onar today sēmeron on dia account of him autos.” 20 But de the ho ruling archiereus priests and kai the ho elders presbyteros persuaded peithō the ho crowds ochlos to hina ask aiteō for · ho Barabbas Barabbas · ho and de to have Jesus Iēsous executed apollymi. 21 Once again the ho governor hēgemōn asked apokrinomai · de them autos, “ Which tis of apo the ho two dyo do you want thelō me to release apolyō for you hymeis?” And de they ho said legō, · ho Barabbas Barabbas.” 22 Pilate Pilatos said legō to them autos, · ho Then oun what tis shall I do poieō with Jesus Iēsous who ho is called legō Messiah Christos?” With one voice pas they shouted legō, “ Let him be crucified stauroō!” 23 Pilate ho · de asked phēmi, “ But gar what tis crime kakos has he committed poieō?” But de they ho shouted krazō all the louder perissōs, “ Crucify stauroō him !” 24 So de when Pilate Pilatos saw · ho that hoti he was getting ōpheleō nowhere oudeis but alla rather mallon that a riot thorybos was starting ginomai, he took lambanō water hydōr and washed aponiptō his ho hands cheir before apenanti the ho crowd ochlos, saying legō, “ I am eimi innocent athōos of apo · ho this man’ s houtos blood haima; it is your hymeis responsibility horaō.” 25 And kai all pas the ho people laos answered apokrinomai, saying legō, “Let · ho his autos blood haima be on epi us hēmeis and kai on epi · ho our hēmeis children teknon!” 26 Then tote he released apolyō Barabbas Barabbas for them autos, · ho · ho but de he scourged phragelloō Jesus Iēsous and handed paradidōmi him over to hina be crucified stauroō.

27 Then tote the ho governor’ s hēgemōn soldiers stratiōtēs · ho took paralambanō · ho Jesus Iēsous into eis the ho praetorium praitōrion and gathered synagō the ho entire holos garrison speira around epi him autos. 28 · kai They peritithēmi stripped ekdyō him autos and put peritithēmi a scarlet kokkinos cloak chlamys on him autos; 29 and kai twisting plekō together a crown stephanos of ek thorns akantha, they placed epitithēmi it on epi · ho his autos head kephalē. · kai They put a staff kalamos in en · ho his autos right dexios hand , and kai kneeling gonypeteō before emprosthen him autos they mocked empaizō him autos, saying legō, “ Hail chairō, king basileus of the ho Jews Ioudaios!” 30 And kai they spat emptyō on eis him autos, and took lambanō the ho staff kalamos and kai kept beating typtō him autos over eis the ho head kephalē. 31 And kai when hote they finished mocking empaizō him autos, they stripped ekdyō him autos of the ho cloak chlamys and kai put endyō · ho his own autos clothes himation back on and kai led apagō him autos away to eis · ho crucify stauroō him.

32 As they were going exerchomai out , · de they came heuriskō across a man anthrōpos named onoma Simon Simōn, from Cyrene Kyrēnaios. This houtos man they conscripted angareuō to hina carry airō · ho his autos cross stauros. 33 And kai when they came erchomai to eis a place topos called legō Golgotha Golgotha, which hos means legō Place topos of a Skull kranion,” 34 they gave didōmi him autos wine oinos mixed mignymi with meta gall cholē to drink pinō; but kai after tasting geuomai it, he refused ou to drink pinō it. 35 And de when they had crucified stauroō him autos, they divided diamerizō · ho his autos clothes himation among them by casting ballō lots klēros. 36 Then kai they sat kathēmai down and kept tēreō watch over him autos there ekei. 37 And kai above epanō his autos head kephalē they put epitithēmi · ho the ho charge aitia against him autos, which read graphō, “ This houtos is eimi Jesus Iēsous, the ho king basileus of the ho Jews Ioudaios.” 38 Then tote two dyo robbers lēstēs were crucified stauroō with syn him autos, one heis on ek his right dexios and kai one heis on ek his left euōnymos. 39 And de those ho who passed paraporeuomai by derided blasphēmeō him autos, wagging kineō · ho their autos heads kephalē 40 and kai saying legō, “ You who ho would destroy katalyō the ho temple naos and kai rebuild oikodomeō it in en three treis days hēmera, save sōzō yourself seautou! If ei you are eimi the Son hyios of ho God theos, come katabainō down from apo the ho cross stauros!” 41 The ho ruling archiereus priests along with meta the ho scribes grammateus and kai the elders presbyteros were empaizō also kai mocking empaizō him in the same way homoiōs, saying legō, 42  He saved sōzō others allos, but he is dynamai not ou able dynamai to save sōzō himself heautou! He is eimi the king basileus of Israel Israēl! Let him now nyn come katabainō down from apo the ho cross stauros, and kai we will believe pisteuō in epi him autos! 43 He has put peithō his trust in epi · ho God theos; let God rescue rhyomai him now nyn if ei he wants thelō him autos; for gar he said legō, ‘ I am eimi the Son hyios of God theos.’” 44 And de · kai the ho robbers lēstēs who ho were crucified systauroō with syn him autos were taunting oneidizō him autos in the ho same autos way.

45 And de from apo the sixth hektos hour hōra there was ginomai darkness skotos over epi all pas the ho land until heōs the ninth enatos hour hōra. 46 And de about peri the ho ninth enatos hour hōra Jesus Iēsous cried anaboaō out · ho in a loud megas voice phōnē, saying legō, “ Eli ēli, Eli ēli, lema lema sabachthani sabachthani?”— which houtos means eimi, “ My egō God theos, my egō God theos, why hinati have you forsaken enkataleipō me egō?” 47 But de when some tis of ho those standing histēmi there ekei heard akouō it, they said legō, “ This man houtos is calling for phōneō Elijah ēlias.” 48 And kai one heis of ek them autos at eutheōs once ran trechō and kai got lambanō a sponge spongos, filled pimplēmi it with sour oxos wine , · kai put peritithēmi it on a staff kalamos, and gave potizō it to him autos to drink. 49 But de the ho others loipos said legō, “ Wait aphiēmi, let us see whether ei Elijah ēlias will come erchomai to save sōzō him autos.” 50 · ho And de Jesus Iēsous cried out krazō again palin in a loud megas voice phōnē and gave up aphiēmi his ho spirit pneuma.

51 Just then kai the ho curtain katapetasma of the ho temple naos was torn schizō in eis two dyo from apo top anōthen to heōs bottom katō; and kai the ho earth shook seiō, and kai the ho rocks petra were split schizō; 52 · kai the ho tombs mnēmeion were opened anoigō, and kai many polys bodies sōma of the ho saints hagios who had fallen koimaō asleep were raised egeirō. 53 · kai After meta his autos resurrection egersis they came exerchomai out of ek the ho tombs mnēmeion · ho and entered eiserchomai the ho holy hagios city polis and kai appeared emphanizō to many polys. 54 When the ho · de centurion hekatontarchēs and kai those ho with meta him autos, who were keeping tēreō watch over · ho Jesus Iēsous, saw the ho earthquake seismos and kai what ho was happening ginomai, they were terrified phobeomai, and said legō, “ Truly alēthōs this man houtos was eimi the Son hyios of God theos!”

55 And de looking on theōreō from apo a distance makrothen were eimi many polys women gynē who hostis had followed akoloutheō · ho Jesus Iēsous from apo · ho Galilee Galilaia to care diakoneō for his autos needs . 56 Among en them hos were eimi Mary Maria · ho Magdalene Magdalēnē, · kai Mary Maria the ho mother mētēr of ho James Iakōbos and kai Joseph Iōsēph, and kai the ho mother mētēr of ho Zebedee’ s Zebedaios sons hyios.

57 Toward ginomai sunset opsia, · de there came erchomai a rich plousios man anthrōpos from apo Arimathea Harimathaia, named Joseph Iōsēph, who hos himself autos was also kai a disciple mathēteuō of · ho Jesus Iēsous. 58 This houtos man approached proserchomai · ho Pilate Pilatos and asked aiteō for the ho body sōma of ho Jesus Iēsous. Then tote · ho Pilate Pilatos ordered keleuō that it be given apodidōmi to him. 59 And kai Joseph Iōsēph took lambanō the ho body sōma, · ho wrapped entylissō it autos in en a clean katharos linen sindōn shroud , 60 and kai laid tithēmi it autos in en · ho his autos own new kainos tomb mnēmeion, which hos he had cut latomeō in en the ho rock petra. Then kai he rolled proskyliō a large megas stone lithos against the ho door thura of the ho tomb mnēmeion and went aperchomai away . 61 · de Mary Mariam · ho Magdalene Magdalēnē and kai the ho other allos Mary Maria were eimi there ekei, sitting kathēmai across apenanti from the ho tomb taphos.

62 On the ho · de following day epaurion, that hostis is eimi, after meta the ho day paraskeuē of Preparation , the ho ruling archiereus priests and kai the ho Pharisees Pharisaios went as a group synagō to pros Pilate Pilatos. 63 They said legō, “ Sir kyrios, we remember mimnēskomai that hoti while he was zaō still eti alive zaō that ekeinos · ho impostor planos said legō, ‘ After meta three treis days hēmera I will be raised egeirō.’ 64 Therefore oun order keleuō the ho tomb taphos to be made secure asphalizō until heōs the ho third tritos day hēmera, lest mēpote his autos disciples mathētēs come erchomai · ho and steal kleptō him autos and kai say legō to the ho people laos, ‘ He has been raised egeirō from apo the ho dead nekros,’ and kai the ho last eschatos deceit planē will be eimi greater cheirōn than the ho first prōtos.” 65 Pilate Pilatos said phēmi to them autos, · ho Take echō a guard koustōdia of soldiers ; go hypagō and make asphalizō it as secure as hōs you know oida how.” 66 So de they ho went poreuō and made asphalizō the ho tomb taphos secure by sealing sphragizō the ho stone lithos and setting the ho guard koustōdia

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