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23 And the One, having responded, said, “The one having dipped his hand with[a] Me in the bowl— this one will hand Me over. 24 The Son of Man is going just as it has been written about Him— but woe to that man by whom the Son of Man is being handed-over! It would have been better for him if that man had not been born”. 25 And having responded, Judas, the one handing Him over, said, “I am not[b] the one, am I, Rabbi?” He says to him, “You said[c] it ”.

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  1. Matthew 26:23 That is, It is one of the ones eating with Me.
  2. Matthew 26:25 When his turn arrives, Judas asks the same question, which expects a ‘No’ answer.
  3. Matthew 26:25 This may simply mean ‘Yes’; or, it may be intentionally ambiguous, leaving the hearers to take it one way (You said it rightly; you are not the one’), but meaning the opposite (You said it falsely; you are the one). The eleven thought Jesus meant the former; Jesus and Judas knew He meant the latter.

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