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26 · kai When hote Jesus Iēsous had finished teleō · ho all pas · ho these houtos sayings logos, he said legō to ho his autos disciples mathētēs, You know oida that hoti after meta two dyo days hēmera the ho Passover pascha is coming ginomai, and kai the ho Son hyios of ho Man anthrōpos will be handed paradidōmi over to eis · ho be crucified stauroō.”

Then tote the ho ruling archiereus priests and kai the ho elders presbyteros of the ho people laos gathered synagō in eis the ho palace aulē of the ho high archiereus priest , who ho was called legō Caiaphas Kaiaphas, and kai they plotted symbouleuō together to hina seize krateō · ho Jesus Iēsous by stealth dolos and kai kill apokteinō him. But de they said legō, “ Not during en the ho feast heortē, lest hina mē there be ginomai a riot thorybos among en the ho people laos.”

· ho Now de while Jesus Iēsous was ginomai in en Bethany Bēthania, in en the house oikia of Simon Simōn the ho leper lepros, a woman gynē came proserchomai to him autos with echō an alabaster alabastros flask of very expensive barytimos perfume myron · kai that she poured katacheō over epi · ho his autos head kephalē as he reclined anakeimai at table . And de when the ho disciples mathētēs saw it, they were indignant aganakteō and said legō, “ Why eis tis · ho this houtos waste apōleia? For gar this houtos could dynamai have been sold pipraskō for a high polys price and kai the money given didōmi to the poor ptōchos.” 10 But de aware ginōskō of this, · ho Jesus Iēsous said legō to them autos, “ Why tis are you causing parechō trouble kopos for the ho woman gynē? For gar she has done ergazomai a kind kalos thing ergon to eis me egō. 11 You will echō always pantote have echō the ho poor ptōchos with meta you heautou, but de you will not ou always pantote have echō me egō. 12 For gar by pouring ballō · ho this houtos perfume myron on epi · ho my egō body sōma, she houtos has prepared poieō me egō for pros · ho burial entaphiazō. 13 I tell legō you hymeis the truth amēn, wherever hopou ean this houtos gospel euangelion is proclaimed kēryssō · ho throughout en holos the ho world kosmos, what hos she houtos has done poieō will also kai be recounted laleō as eis her autos memorial mnēmosynon to me.”

14 Then tote one heis of the ho twelve dōdeka, the ho one named legō Judas Ioudas Iscariot Iskariōtēs, went poreuō to pros the ho ruling archiereus priests 15 and asked legō, “ What tis are you willing thelō to give didōmi me egō if I kagō betray paradidōmi him autos to you hymeis?” And de they ho agreed histēmi to pay him autos thirty triakonta silver argyrion coins . 16 So kai from apo then tote on he watched zēteō for an opportunity eukairia to hina betray paradidōmi Jesus autos.

17 Now de on the ho first prōtos day of ho Unleavened azymos Bread the ho disciples mathētēs came proserchomai to ho Jesus Iēsous and asked legō, “ Where pou do you want thelō us to make hetoimazō preparations for you sy to eat esthiō the ho Passover pascha?” 18 He ho · de said legō, “ Go hypagō into eis the ho city polis to pros a ho certain deina man and kai say legō to him autos, ‘ The ho Teacher didaskalos says legō, · ho My egō time kairos is eimi at hand engys. I will be keeping poieō the ho Passover pascha at pros your sy house with meta · ho my egō disciples mathētēs.”’” 19 So kai the ho disciples mathētēs did poieō as hōs Jesus Iēsous had directed syntassō them autos · ho and kai made hetoimazō preparations for the ho Passover pascha.

20 Now de when evening opsia came ginomai, Jesus was reclining anakeimai at table with meta the ho twelve dōdeka. 21 And kai as they autos were eating esthiō he said legō, “ I tell legō you hymeis the truth amēn, one heis of ek you hymeis will betray paradidōmi me egō.” 22 And kai they were greatly sphodra distressed lypeō and began archō to say legō to him autos one heis after another hekastos, “ Surely mēti not I egō, Lord kyrios?” 23 Jesus ho · de answered apokrinomai, saying legō, “ The ho one who has dipped embaptō his ho hand cheir into en the ho bowl tryblion with meta me egō will betray paradidōmi me egō. 24 The ho Son hyios of ho Man anthrōpos will depart hypagō as kathōs it is written graphō of peri him autos, but de woe ouai to ho that ekeinos one anthrōpos by dia whom hos the ho Son hyios of ho Man anthrōpos is betrayed paradidōmi! It would have been eimi better kalos for that ekeinos man anthrōpos had he not ou been born gennaō.” · ho 25 Then de Judas Ioudas, who ho would betray paradidōmi him autos, said legō, “ Surely mēti not I egō, Rabbi rhabbi?” Jesus answered legō him autos, “It is as you sy have said legō.”

26 And de as they autos were eating esthiō, Jesus Iēsous took lambanō · ho bread artos; and kai when he had given eulogeō thanks , he broke klaō it and kai gave didōmi it to his ho disciples mathētēs, saying legō, “ Take lambanō, eat esthiō; this houtos is eimi · ho my egō body sōma.” 27 And kai he took lambanō a cup potērion, and kai when he had given eucharisteō thanks , he gave didōmi it to them autos, saying legō, “ Drink pinō from ek it autos, all pas of you, 28 for gar this houtos is eimi · ho my egō blood haima of the ho covenant diathēkē that ho is poured out ekchunnomai for peri many polys for eis the forgiveness aphesis of sins hamartia. 29 But de I say legō to you hymeis, I will never ou mē drink pinō again apo arti of ek this houtos · ho fruit genēma of the ho vine ampelos until heōs · ho that ekeinos day hēmera when hotan I drink pinō the new kainos wine autos with meta you hymeis in en the ho kingdom basileia of ho my egō Father patēr.” 30 And kai when they had sung hymneō a hymn , they went exerchomai out to eis the ho Mount oros of ho Olives elaia.

31 Then tote Jesus Iēsous said legō to them autos, · ho You hymeis will all pas fall skandalizō away because en of me egō · ho this very houtos night nyx. For gar it stands written graphō, ‘ I will strike patassō the ho shepherd poimēn, and kai the ho sheep probaton of the ho flock poimnē will be scattered diaskorpizō.’ 32 But de after meta · ho I egō have been raised egeirō, I will go proagō ahead of you hymeis into eis · ho Galilee Galilaia.” 33 Peter Petros answered apokrinomai, · de · ho saying legō to him autos, “ Though ei they all pas fall skandalizō away because en of you sy, I egō will never oudepote fall skandalizō away .” 34 Jesus Iēsous said phēmi to him autos, · ho I tell legō you sy the truth amēn, this houtos very · ho night nyx, before prin the rooster alektōr crows phōneō, you will deny aparneomai me egō three tris times .” 35 Peter Petros said legō to him autos, · ho Even kan though I egō must dei die apothnēskō with syn you sy, I will aparneomai never ou mē deny aparneomai you sy!” And kai all pas the ho disciples mathētēs said legō the same homoiōs.

36 Then tote Jesus Iēsous went erchomai with meta them autos · ho to eis a place chōrion called legō Gethsemane Gethsēmani and kai he said legō to his ho disciples mathētēs, “ Sit kathizō here autou while heōs hos I go aperchomai over there ekei and pray proseuchomai.” 37 And kai taking paralambanō with him · ho Peter Petros and kai the ho two dyo sons hyios of Zebedee Zebedaios, he began archō to be sorrowful lypeō and kai troubled adēmoneō. 38 Then tote he said legō to them autos, “ My egō soul psychē is eimi exceedingly sorrowful perilypos, · ho to heōs the point of death thanatos; remain menō here hōde and kai keep grēgoreō watch with meta me egō.” 39 And kai going proerchomai a short mikros distance beyond them, he fell piptō on epi his autos face prosōpon, praying proseuchomai, · kai My egō Father patēr, if ei it be eimi possible dynatos, let this houtos cup potērion pass parerchomai from apo me egō! · ho Yet plēn not ou as hōs I egō will thelō but alla as hōs you sy will.” 40 Then kai he went erchomai to pros the ho disciples mathētēs and kai found heuriskō them autos sleeping katheudō. · kai He said legō to ho Peter Petros, “ So houtōs, could you ischuō men not ou keep watch grēgoreō with meta me egō for a single heis hour hōra? 41 Stay grēgoreō alert and kai pray proseuchomai lest hina mē you enter eiserchomai a time of trial peirasmos. The ho spirit pneuma indeed men is willing prothumos but de the ho flesh sarx is weak asthenēs.” 42 Once again palin he went aperchomai away and prayed proseuchomai, saying legō, “ My egō Father patēr, if ei this houtos cannot ou dynamai pass parerchomai unless ean mē I drink pinō it autos, may your sy will thelēma be done ginomai.” · ho 43 Then kai he returned erchomai palin and found heuriskō them autos sleeping katheudō, for gar their autos eyes ophthalmos were eimi · ho heavy bareō. 44 So kai he left aphiēmi them autos again palin and went aperchomai away , and for ek the third time tritos prayed proseuchomai again palin using legō the ho same autos words logos. 45 Then tote he returned erchomai to pros his ho disciples mathētēs and kai said legō to them autos, “ Are you still loipos sleeping katheudō · ho and kai taking anapauō your rest ? Look idou, the ho hour hōra has come engizō, and kai the ho Son hyios of ho Man anthrōpos is about to be betrayed paradidōmi into eis the hands cheir of sinners hamartōlos. 46 Get egeirō up , let us be going agō. Look idou, here engizō comes · ho my egō betrayer paradidōmi.”

47 · kai While he autos was still eti speaking laleō, Judas Ioudas, one heis of the ho twelve dōdeka, arrived erchomai · kai accompanied by meta a large polys crowd ochlos from apo the ho ruling archiereus priests and kai the elders presbyteros of the ho people laos, armed with meta swords machaira and kai clubs xylon. 48 The ho · de betrayer paradidōmi had given didōmi them autos a sign sēmeion, saying legō, “The one hos I will kiss phileō, he autos is eimi the one; seize krateō him autos.” 49 · kai Without hesitation eutheōs Judas went proserchomai up to ho Jesus Iēsous and said legō, “ Greetings chairō, Rabbi rhabbi!” and kai kissed kataphileō him autos. 50 · ho · de Jesus Iēsous said legō to him autos, “ Comrade hetairos, do what epi hos you came pareimi to do.” Then tote they came proserchomai forward , laid epiballō · ho hands cheir on epi · ho Jesus Iēsous and kai took krateō him autos into custody. 51 But kai one heis of those ho with meta Jesus Iēsous stretched ekteinō out his ho hand cheir, drew apospaō · ho his autos sword machaira, and kai struck patassō the ho slave of the ho high archiereus priest , cutting aphaireō off his autos · ho ear ōtion. 52 Then tote Jesus Iēsous said legō to him autos, · ho Put apostrephō · ho your sy sword machaira back into eis · ho its autos place topos! For gar all pas who ho draw lambanō the sword machaira will die apollymi by en the sword machaira. 53 Or ē do you think dokeō that hoti I cannot ou ask parakaleō of · ho my egō Father patēr, and kai he will immediately arti place paristēmi at my egō disposal more polys than twelve dōdeka legions legiōn of angels angelos? 54 But how pōs then oun would the ho scriptures graphē be fulfilled plēroō that hoti say it must dei happen ginomai in this way houtōs?” 55 At en that ekeinos · ho time hōra Jesus Iēsous said legō · ho to the ho crowds ochlos, “ Have you come out exerchomai with meta swords machaira and kai clubs xylon to capture syllambanō me egō as though hōs I were a robber lēstēs? Every kata day hēmera I sat kathezomai in en the ho temple hieron teaching didaskō, and kai you did not ou arrest krateō me egō. 56 But de all holos this houtos has happened ginomai that hina the ho writings graphē of the ho prophets prophētēs might be fulfilled plēroō.” Then tote the ho disciples mathētēs all pas deserted aphiēmi him autos and ran pheugō away .

57 Then de the ho men who had laid krateō hold of · ho Jesus Iēsous took apagō him to pros Caiaphas Kaiaphas, the ho high archiereus priest , where hopou the ho scribes grammateus and kai the ho elders presbyteros were gathered synagō. 58 · ho And de Peter Petros followed akoloutheō him autos at apo a distance makrothen, up heōs to the ho courtyard aulē of the ho high archiereus priest ; then kai going eiserchomai inside esō he sat kathēmai down with meta the ho guards hypēretēs to see the ho end telos.

59 Now de the ho ruling archiereus priests and kai the ho entire holos Sanhedrin synedrion were looking zēteō for false pseudomartyria testimony against kata · ho Jesus Iēsous so hopōs they could put him autos to death thanatoō, 60 but kai they found heuriskō none ou, even though many polys false witnesses pseudomartys came proserchomai forward . Finally hysteros · de two dyo came proserchomai forward 61 and declared legō, “ This houtos man said phēmi, ‘ I am able dynamai to destroy katalyō the ho temple naos of ho God theos and kai rebuild oikodomeō it in dia three treis days hēmera.’” 62 And kai the ho high priest archiereus stood anistēmi up and said legō to him autos, “ Have you no oudeis answer apokrinomai to the charge tis these houtos men are bringing against katamartyreō you sy?” 63 · ho But de Jesus Iēsous remained silent siōpaō. Then kai the ho high archiereus priest said legō to him autos, “ I put exorkizō you sy under oath by kata the ho living zaō God theos, · ho tell legō us hēmeis if ei you sy are eimi the ho Messiah Christos, the ho Son hyios of ho God theos.” 64 Jesus Iēsous said legō to him autos, · ho “It is as you sy have said legō. Yet plēn I tell legō you hymeis, from apo now arti on you will see horaō the ho Son hyios of ho Man anthrōpos sitting kathēmai at ek the right dexios hand of The ho Power dynamis and kai coming erchomai on epi the ho clouds nephelē of ho heaven ouranos.” 65 Then tote the ho high archiereus priest tore · ho his autos robes himation and said legō, “ He has blasphemed blasphēmeō! What tis further eti need chreia do we have echō of witnesses martys? You have now nyn heard akouō his ho blasphemy blasphēmia. 66 What tis is your hymeis verdict dokeō?” They ho · de answered apokrinomai, saying legō, “ He is eimi deserving enochos of death thanatos!” 67 Then tote they spat emptyō in eis · ho his autos face prosōpon and kai struck kolaphizō him autos; and de some ho slapped rhapizō him, 68 saying legō, “ Prophesy prophēteuō to us hēmeis, you messiah Christos! Who tis is eimi it that ho struck paiō you sy?”

69 · ho Now de Peter Petros was sitting kathēmai outside exō in en the ho courtyard aulē; and kai a heis servant girl paidiskē came proserchomai up to him autos and said legō, “ You sy too kai were eimi with meta Jesus Iēsous of ho Galilee Galilaios.” 70 But de he ho denied arneomai it before emprosthen them all pas, saying legō, “ I do not ou know oida what tis you are talking legō about .” 71 Then de he went exerchomai out into eis the ho gateway pylōn, where another allos servant girl allos saw him autos and kai said legō to those ho who were there ekei, “ This houtos man was eimi with meta Jesus Iēsous the ho Nazarene Nazōraios.” 72 But kai again palin he denied arneomai it with meta an oath horkos, “ I do not ou know oida the ho man anthrōpos!” 73 And de after meta a little while mikros those ho standing around histēmi came proserchomai up to ho Peter Petros and said legō, “ Surely alēthōs you sy too kai are eimi one of ek them autos, · kai for gar the ho way you sy talk lalia makes poieō it clear dēlos.” 74 Then tote he began archō to invoke curses katathematizō on himself and kai swear omnyō to them, “ I do not ou know oida that ho man anthrōpos!” And kai immediately eutheōs the rooster alektōr crowed phōneō. 75 Then kai Peter Petros remembered mimnēskomai · ho · ho what rhēma Jesus Iēsous had said legō, “ Before prin the rooster alektōr crows phōneō, you will deny aparneomai me egō three tris times .” And kai he went exerchomai outside exō and wept klaiō bitterly pikrōs.

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