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22 And having heard it, they marveled. And having left Him, they went away.

The Sadducees Try To Snare Jesus On The Resurrection of a Wife With Seven Husbands

23 On that day Sadducees came to Him— ones saying that there is not a resurrection. And they questioned Him, 24 saying, “Teacher, Moses said [in Deut 25:5] ‘If someone dies not having children, his brother shall as-next-of-kin-marry[a] his wife and raise-up a seed[b] for his brother’.

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  1. Matthew 22:24 This marriage-as-next-of-kin is called ‘levirite’ marriage (from a Latin word meaning ‘brother-in-law’).
  2. Matthew 22:24 That is, offspring; and thus, a posterity.

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