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15 Then tote the ho Pharisees Pharisaios went poreuō out and plotted symboulion lambanō how hopōs they could trap pagideuō him autos in en what he said logos. 16 And kai they sent apostellō their autos disciples mathētēs to him autos · ho along with meta the ho Herodians hērōidianoi, saying legō, “ Teacher didaskalos, we know oida that hoti you are eimi true alēthēs and kai teach didaskō the ho way hodos of ho God theos in en truth alētheia, and kai show deference melei to peri no oudeis one , for gar you are not ou swayed blepō by eis appearances prosōpon anthrōpos. 17 So oun tell legō us hēmeis, what tis do you sy think dokeō? Is it proper to pay didōmi a tax kēnsos to Caesar Kaisar or ē not ou?”

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