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20  For gar the ho kingdom basileia of ho heaven ouranos is eimi like homoios the owner of an estate oikodespotēs who hostis went exerchomai out early in the morning hama to hire misthoō men ergatēs to work in eis · ho his autos vineyard ampelōn. After having agreed symphōneō · de with meta the ho workers ergatēs for ek a denarius dēnarion per ho day hēmera, he sent apostellō them autos into eis · ho his autos vineyard ampelōn. And kai going exerchomai out about peri the third tritos hour hōra, he saw others allos standing histēmi in en the ho marketplace agora with nothing argos to do . And kai to them ekeinos he said legō, “ You hymeis go hypagō into eis the ho vineyard ampelōn as kai well , and kai whatever hos ean is eimi fair dikaios I will pay didōmi you hymeis.’ So de they ho went aperchomai off . When he went out exerchomai again palin about peri the sixth hektos hour and kai the ninth enatos hour hōra, he did poieō the same hōsautōs thing . And de about peri the ho eleventh hendekatos hour, when he had gone exerchomai out and found heuriskō others allos standing histēmi around , · kai he said legō to them autos, ‘ Why tis have you been standing histēmi here hōde idle argos all holos · ho day hēmera long?’ They said legō to him autos, ‘ Because hoti no oudeis one has hired misthoō us hēmeis.’ He said legō to them autos, ‘ You hymeis go hypagō into eis the ho vineyard ampelōn too kai.’ And de when evening opsia came ginomai, the ho owner kyrios of ho the vineyard ampelōn said legō to ho his autos foreman epitropē, ‘ Call kaleō the ho workers ergatēs and kai pay apodidōmi them autos their ho wages misthos, beginning archō with apo the ho last eschatos and going heōs back to the ho first prōtos.’ · kai Those ho hired about peri the ho eleventh hendekatos hour hōra came erchomai and each ana received lambanō a denarius dēnarion. 10 · kai When those ho who were hired first prōtos came erchomai, they thought nomizō they would receive lambanō more polys; but kai they autos also kai each ana received lambanō · ho a denarius dēnarion. 11 And de when they received lambanō it, they began to grumble gongyzō against kata the ho owner oikodespotēs of the estate , 12 saying legō, ‘ These houtos · ho last eschatos worked poieō but one heis hour hōra, and kai you have made poieō them autos equal isos to us hēmeis who ho have borne bastazō the ho burden baros of the ho day hēmera and kai the ho scorching kausōn heat .’ 13 But de he ho answered apokrinomai one heis of them autos, saying legō, ‘ Friend hetairos, I am not ou being unfair adikeō to you sy. Did you symphōneō not ouchi agree with symphōneō me egō to work for a denarius dēnarion? 14 Take airō what ho is yours sos and kai be gone hypagō. I choose thelō · de to give didōmi to this houtos · ho last eschatos man the same kai as hōs I give to you sy. 15 Am I egō not ou allowed to do poieō what hos I choose thelō with en what ho belongs to me emos? Or ē · ho are eimi you sy envious ponēros because hoti I egō am eimi generous agathos?’ 16 So houtōs the ho last eschatos will be eimi first prōtos, and kai the ho first prōtos will be last eschatos.”

17 · kai As Jesus Iēsous was going anabainō up · ho to eis Jerusalem Hierosolyma, he took paralambanō the ho twelve dōdeka disciples aside kata idios and kai said legō to them autos on en the ho way hodos, 18  We are going anabainō up to eis Jerusalem Hierosolyma, and kai the ho Son hyios of ho Man anthrōpos will be handed paradidōmi over to the ho ruling archiereus priests and kai the scribes grammateus. · kai They will condemn katakrinō him autos to death thanatos, 19 · kai hand paradidōmi him autos over to the ho Gentiles ethnos to eis be · ho mocked empaizō and kai flogged mastigoō and kai crucified stauroō, and kai on the ho third tritos day hēmera he will be raised egeirō.”

20 Then tote the ho mother mētēr of the ho sons hyios of Zebedee Zebedaios came proserchomai to Jesus autos with meta · ho her autos sons hyios, and kneeling proskyneō down · kai she asked aiteō something tis from apo him autos. 21 And de he ho said legō to her autos, “ What tis do you wish thelō?” She said legō to him autos, “ Grant legō that hina these houtos · ho two dyo sons hyios of mine egō may sit kathizō, one heis at ek your sy right dexios hand and kai one heis at ek your sy left euōnymos, in en · ho your sy kingdom basileia.” 22 Jesus Iēsous answered apokrinomai, · de · ho saying legō, “ You do not ou realize oida what tis you are asking aiteō. Are you able dynamai to drink pinō the ho cup potērion that hos I egō am about mellō to drink pinō?” They said legō to him autos, “ We are able dynamai.” 23 He said legō to them autos, · ho My egō cup potērion you will drink pinō, · ho but de to sit kathizō at ek my egō right dexios hand and kai at ek my left euōnymos is eimi not ou mine emos to grant didōmi, but alla it is for those hos for whom it has been prepared hetoimazō by hypo · ho my egō Father patēr.” 24 · kai When the ho ten deka heard akouō this, they were indignant aganakteō with peri the ho two dyo brothers adelphos. 25 · ho But de Jesus Iēsous called proskaleō them autos to him and said legō, “ You know oida that hoti the ho rulers archōn of the ho nations ethnos lord katakyrieuō it over them autos, and kai their ho leaders megas exercise katexousiazō authority over them autos. 26 It will eimi not ou be eimi so houtōs among en you hymeis. But alla whoever hos ean would thelō be ginomai great megas among en you hymeis must be eimi your hymeis servant diakonos, 27 and kai whoever hos an would thelō be eimi first prōtos among en you hymeis must be eimi your hymeis servant; 28 just hōsper as the ho Son hyios of ho Man anthrōpos came erchomai not ou to be served diakoneō but alla to serve diakoneō, and kai to give didōmi · ho his autos life psychē a ransom lytron for anti many polys.”

29 · kai As they autos were going ekporeuomai out of apo Jericho Ierichō, a large polys crowd ochlos followed akoloutheō him autos. 30 · kai Two dyo blind typhlos men were sitting kathēmai beside para the ho road hodos, and when they heard akouō that hoti Jesus Iēsous was passing paragō by they cried krazō out , “ Lord kyrios, Son hyios of David Dauid, have mercy eleeō on us hēmeis!” 31 The ho · de crowd ochlos rebuked epitimaō them autos and told them to hina be quiet siōpaō, but de they ho cried out krazō all the louder megas, “ Lord kyrios, Son hyios of David Dauid, have mercy eleeō on us hēmeis!” 32 · kai Jesus Iēsous stopped histēmi · ho and called phōneō them autos, · kai saying legō, “ What tis do you want thelō me to do poieō for you hymeis?” 33 They said legō to him autos, “ Lord kyrios, let hina our hēmeis eyes ophthalmos be opened anoigō.” · ho 34 Moved splanchnizomai with compassion , · de · ho Jesus Iēsous touched haptō · ho their autos eyes omma. · kai Immediately eutheōs they received anablepō their sight and kai followed akoloutheō him autos.

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