18 “Listen! We are going up to Jerusalem. The Son of Man will be handed over to the chief priests and scribes, and they will condemn Him to death.(A) 19 Then they will hand Him over to the Gentiles(B) to be mocked, flogged,[a] and crucified, and He will be resurrected[b] on the third day.”

Suffering and Service

20 Then the mother of Zebedee’s sons approached Him with her sons.(C) She knelt down to ask Him for something.(D)

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  1. Matthew 20:19 Or scourged
  2. Matthew 20:19 Other mss read will rise again

18 “We are going up to Jerusalem,(A) and the Son of Man(B) will be delivered over to the chief priests and the teachers of the law.(C) They will condemn him to death 19 and will hand him over to the Gentiles to be mocked and flogged(D) and crucified.(E) On the third day(F) he will be raised to life!”(G)

A Mother’s Request(H)

20 Then the mother of Zebedee’s sons(I) came to Jesus with her sons and, kneeling down,(J) asked a favor of him.

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