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20 But de as he autos pondered enthumeomai this houtos, behold idou, an angel angelos of the Lord kyrios appeared phainō to him autos in kata a dream onar, saying legō, “ Joseph Iōsēph, son hyios of David Dauid, do not be afraid phobeomai to take paralambanō Mary Maria · ho as your sy wife gynē; for gar that ho which has been conceived gennaō in en her autos is eimi by ek the Holy hagios Spirit pneuma. 21 And de she will bear tiktō a son hyios, and kai you are to call kaleō · ho him autos Jesus Iēsous, for gar he autos will save sōzō · ho his autos people laos from apo · ho their autos sins hamartia.” 22 All holos this houtos · de took ginomai place so hina that what ho was spoken legō by hypo the Lord kyrios through dia the ho prophet prophētēs might be fulfilled plēroō:

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