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Jesus Again Speaks about His Death

22 While Jesus and his disciples were going from place to place in Galilee, he told them, “The Son of Man will be handed over to people 23 who will kill him. But three days later he will rise to life.” All of this made the disciples very sad.

Paying the Temple Tax

24 When Jesus and the others arrived in Capernaum, the collectors for the temple tax came to Peter and asked, “Does your teacher pay the temple tax?”

25 “Yes, he does,” Peter answered.

After they had returned home, Jesus went up to Peter and asked him, “Simon, what do you think? Do the kings of this earth collect taxes and fees from their own people or from foreigners?”[a]

26 Peter answered, “From foreigners.”

Jesus replied, “Then their own people[b] don’t have to pay. 27 But we don’t want to cause trouble. So go cast a line into the lake and pull out the first fish you hook. Open its mouth, and you will find a coin. Use it to pay your taxes and mine.”

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  1. 17.25 from their own people or from foreigners: Or “from their children or from others.”
  2. 17.26 From foreigners. . . their own people: Or “From other people. . . their children.”

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