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26 For even if you were to gain all the wealth and power of this world with everything it could offer you—at the cost of your own life—what good would that be? And what could be more valuable to you than your own soul?[a] 27 It has been decreed that I, the Son of Man, will one day return with my messengers[b] and in the splendor and majesty of my Father. And then I will reward each person according to what they have done.[c] 28 But I promise you, there are some standing here now who won’t experience death until they have witnessed the coming of the Son of Man in the presence and the power of the kingdom realm of God!”[d]

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  1. Matthew 16:26 Or “What would a person give in exchange for his life?”
  2. Matthew 16:27 Or “angels.”
  3. Matthew 16:27 See Pss. 28:4; 62:12; Prov. 24:12.
  4. Matthew 16:28 Or “when they see the Son of Man appearing to inaugurate his regal reign.” This was a prophecy of what was about to take place with Peter, Jacob, and John on the Mountain of Transforming Glory. This promise would be fulfilled as they experienced the power of the kingdom of God and the cloud of glory. Christ’s appearing is equated to the power manifested in the cloud that overshadowed Jesus on the Mount of Transfiguration.