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26 For gar what tis advantage ōpheleō will there be for a person anthrōpos if ean he gains kerdainō the ho whole holos world kosmos yet de forfeits · ho his autos life psychē? Or ē what tis will a person anthrōpos give didōmi in exchange antallagma for · ho his autos life psychē? 27 For gar the ho Son hyios of ho Man anthrōpos is mellō to come erchomai in en the ho glory doxa of ho his autos Father patēr with meta · ho his autos angels angelos, and kai then tote he will repay apodidōmi each hekastos person according kata to · ho his autos conduct praxis. 28 I tell legō you hymeis the truth amēn, there are eimi some tis of those ho standing histēmi here hōde who hostis will not ou mē taste geuomai death thanatos until heōs an they see the ho Son hyios of ho Man anthrōpos coming erchomai in en · ho his autos kingdom basileia.

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