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20 Then Jesus [sternly] warned his ·followers [disciples] not to tell anyone he was the ·Christ [Messiah].

Jesus Says that He Must Die(A)

21 From that time on Jesus began ·telling [showing; making it clear to] his ·followers [disciples] that he must go to Jerusalem, where the Jewish elders, the leading priests, and the ·teachers of the law [scribes] would make him suffer ·many things [greatly]. He told them he must be killed and then be raised from the dead on the third day.

22 Peter took Jesus aside and ·told him not to talk like that [L began to reprimand/rebuke him]. He said, “·God save you from those things [God forbid; May it never be; L (God) Be merciful], Lord! Those things ·will never [must certainly not] happen to you!”

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