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Matthew 16:16-18 The Passion Translation (TPT)

16 Simon Peter spoke up and said, “You are the Anointed One,[a] the Son of the living God!”

17 Jesus replied, “You are favored and privileged Simeon, son of Jonah![b] For you didn’t discover this on your own, but my Father in heaven has supernaturally revealed it to you. 18 I give you the name Peter, a stone.[c] And this truth of who I am will be the bedrock foundation on which I will build my church—my legislative assembly,[d] and the power of death[e] will not be able to overpower it![f]


  1. Matthew 16:16 Or “the Christ” (Messiah).
  2. Matthew 16:17 Jonah means “dove.” Or “Simon, son of John.” Simeon means “he who hears.” Peter heard the Father’s whisper within that Jesus was the Christ. Simeon was his formal Hebrew name. Peter became his identity as Jesus gave him the nickname of “pebble.” He is also referred to as “Simon Peter.”
  3. Matthew 16:18 Or Keefa, the Aramaic word for “stone” or “pebble.” See Matt. 4:18 and footnote. There is an obvious pun only found in the Hebrew Matthew. The Hebrew word for “stone” is eben, and the Hebrew word for “build” is ebeneh. The Greek text does state that Peter is the “rock” on which the church is built. However, the implication is that it is Peter’s revelation from the Father and his confession of Jesus as the Son of God that becomes the “bedrock foundation” for the church. The earliest writings of the church fathers all acknowledge that the Rock is Jesus Christ, not Peter. See Deut. 32:18, 30-31; Ps. 18:46; Isa. 8:14; 17:10; 51:1-8.
  4. Matthew 16:18 The Greek word for “church” is ekklesia and means “legislative assembly” or “selected ones.” This is not a religious term at all, but a political and governmental term that is used many times in classical Greek for a group of people who have been summoned and gathered together to govern the affairs of a city. For Jesus to use this term means he is giving the keys of governmental authority in his kingdom to the church. See R. Scott and H. G. Liddell, A Greek-English Lexicon, p. 206; J. H. Thayer, A Greek-English Lexicon of the New Testament, p. 196; and Oskar Seyffert, A Dictionary of Classical Antiquities, pp. 202–203.
  5. Matthew 16:18 Or “the gates of hell,” a metonymy for the power of death.
  6. Matthew 16:18 Or “all the forces of hell will never have the power to win a victory over it!” There is no power of darkness that can stop the advancing church that Jesus builds.
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