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Like the people of Nazareth, Herod wondered where Jesus’ power came from.

Herod (to his servants): He must be John the Baptist,[a] raised from the dead; thus his powers are at work in him.

Herod is concerned with the attention that John is receiving, but he doesn’t want to be seen killing a holy man. And now, Jesus is creating an even greater problem.

3-5 Herod’s brother Philip had married a woman named Herodias, who eventually married Herod. John denounced Herod’s marriage to her as adulterous. Herod was incensed (not to mention a little fearful) and wanted to kill John, but he knew the people considered John a prophet. Instead, he bound John and put him in jail.

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  1. 14:2 Literally, John who immersed, to show repentance