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And kai he said legō to ho his autos servants pais, “ This houtos is eimi John Iōannēs the ho Baptist baptistēs; he autos has risen egeirō from apo the ho dead nekros; and kai that is why dia · ho miraculous dynamis powers are at work energeō in en him autos.” · ho For gar Herod hērōdēs had arrested krateō · ho John Iōannēs, bound deō him autos, and kai put him apotithēmi in en prison phylakē because dia of Herodias hērōidias, the ho wife gynē of ho his autos brother adelphos Philip Philippos; because gar John Iōannēs had been telling legō · ho him autos, “It is not ou lawful for you sy to have echō her autos.”

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