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and said to his servants, “This One is John the Baptist. He himself arose from the dead, and for this reason the miraculous-powers[a] are at-work in him”.

For Herod Had Beheaded John The Baptist

For[b] Herod, having seized John, bound him and put him away in prison because of Herodias[c], the wife of Philip[d] his brother. For John was saying to him, “It is not lawful for you to have her”.

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  1. Matthew 14:2 Or, the Powers, the supernatural beings who were the source of these miracles in Herod’s mind.
  2. Matthew 14:3 Matthew now explains what happened to John at some time previous to this (see Mk 1:14), then continues in v 13.
  3. Matthew 14:3 She was a grand-daughter of Herod the Great, daughter of Aristobulus, sister of Agrippa I (Act 12:1).
  4. Matthew 14:3 That is, Philip I, a private citizen in Rome. Antipas, Aristobulus, and Philip were sons of Herod the Great from three different wives.