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Prophecy and Parables

34 Whenever Jesus addressed the crowds, he always spoke in allegories. He never spoke without using parables. 35 He did this in order to fulfill the prophecy:

I will speak to you in allegories.
    I will reveal secrets that have been concealed
    since before the foundation of the world.[a]

Jesus Explains the Parables

36 Jesus left the crowds and went inside the house where he was staying.[b] Then his disciples approached him and asked, “Please explain the deeper meaning of the parable of the weeds growing in the field of wheat.”

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  1. Matthew 13:35 As translated from the Aramaic. The Hebrew Matthew is “I will speak with riddles from ancient times.” See Ps. 78:2; Prov. 25:2. A parable has hidden meaning. Everything stands for something else. Jesus interprets and unlocks the meaning of the Word to us.
  2. Matthew 13:36 This was likely in Capernaum.