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Matthew 12:15-21 New American Standard Bible (NASB)

15 But Jesus, [a]aware of this, withdrew from there. Many followed Him, and He healed them all, 16 and warned them not to [b]tell who He was. 17 This was to fulfill what was spoken through Isaiah the prophet:

18 Behold, My [c]Servant whom I [d]have chosen;
My Beloved in whom My soul [e]is well-pleased;
I will put My Spirit upon Him,
And He shall proclaim [f]justice to the [g]Gentiles.
19 He will not quarrel, nor cry out;
Nor will anyone hear His voice in the streets.
20 A battered reed He will not break off,
And a smoldering wick He will not put out,
Until He [h]leads [i]justice to victory.
21 And in His name the [j]Gentiles will hope.”


  1. Matthew 12:15 Lit knowing
  2. Matthew 12:16 Lit make Him known
  3. Matthew 12:18 Lit Child
  4. Matthew 12:18 Lit chose
  5. Matthew 12:18 Or took pleasure
  6. Matthew 12:18 Or judgment
  7. Matthew 12:18 Or nations
  8. Matthew 12:20 Or puts forth
  9. Matthew 12:20 Or judgment
  10. Matthew 12:21 Or nations
New American Standard Bible (NASB)

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