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12 At en that ekeinos · ho time kairos Jesus Iēsous went poreuō · ho through dia the ho grainfields sporimos on the ho Sabbath sabbaton; · ho and de his autos disciples mathētēs were hungry peinaō, and kai they began archō to pluck tillō heads of grain stachus and kai eat esthiō. But de when the ho Pharisees Pharisaios saw this, they said legō to him autos, “ Look idou, · ho your sy disciples mathētēs are doing poieō what hos is not ou lawful to do poieō on en a Sabbath sabbaton.” But de he ho said legō to them autos, “ Have you not ou read anaginōskō what tis David Dauid did poieō when hote he and kai those ho with meta him autos were hungry peinaō, how pōs he entered eiserchomai the ho house oikos of ho God theos and kai they ate esthiō the ho sacred prothesis bread artos, · ho which hos it was eimi not ou lawful for him autos to eat esthiō nor oude for those ho who were with meta him autos, but ei mē for the ho priests hiereus alone monos? Or ē have you not ou read anaginōskō in en the ho law nomos that hoti on the ho Sabbath sabbaton the ho priests hiereus in en the ho temple hieron break bebēloō the ho Sabbath sabbaton and kai yet are eimi not guilty anaitios? But de I say legō to you hymeis that hoti something greater megas than the ho temple hieron is eimi here hōde. And de if ei you had known ginōskō what tis this means eimi, ‘ I desire thelō mercy eleos and kai not ou sacrifice thusia,’ you would an not ou have condemned katadikazō the ho guiltless anaitios. For gar the ho Son hyios of ho Man anthrōpos is eimi lord kyrios of the ho Sabbath sabbaton.”

Then kai he left metabainō that place ekeithen and went erchomai into eis · ho their autos synagogue synagōgē, 10 and kai there he saw idou a man anthrōpos with echō a withered xēros hand cheir. And kai they asked eperōtaō him autos, “Is it lawful to heal therapeuō on the ho Sabbath sabbaton?”— so hina they might have a charge to bring katēgoreō against him autos. 11 But de he ho said legō to them autos, “ What tis man anthrōpos is eimi there among ek you hymeis who hos has echō only one heis sheep probaton, and kai if ean it houtos falls empiptō into eis a pit bothunos on the ho Sabbath sabbaton, will he not ouchi take krateō hold of it autos and kai lift egeirō it out ? 12 How posos much more diapherō valuable then oun is a man anthrōpos than a sheep probaton! So hōste then , it is lawful to do poieō good kalōs on the ho Sabbath sabbaton.” 13 Then tote he said legō to the ho man anthrōpos, “ Stretch ekteinō out your sy · ho hand cheir.” And kai the man stretched ekteinō it out , and kai it was restored apokathistēmi, sound hygiēs like hōs the ho other allos. 14 Then de the ho Pharisees Pharisaios went exerchomai and plotted symboulion lambanō against kata him autos in order hopōs that they might put him autos to death apollymi.

15 · ho But de Jesus Iēsous, aware ginōskō of this, withdrew anachōreō from there ekeithen. And kai large polys crowds ochlos followed akoloutheō him autos, and kai he healed therapeuō them autos all pas. 16 And kai he sternly warned epitimaō them autos that hina they should poieō not make poieō him autos known phaneros 17 so hina that what ho was written legō by dia Isaiah ēsaias the ho prophet prophētēs might be fulfilled plēroō: 18  Here idou is · ho my egō servant pais whom hos I have chosen hairetizō, · ho my egō beloved agapētos with eis whom hos my egō soul psychē is well pleased eudokeō. · ho I will put tithēmi · ho my egō Spirit pneuma upon epi him autos, and kai he will proclaim apangellō justice krisis to the ho nations ethnos. 19 He will not ou quarrel erizō, nor oude will he cry kraugazō out , nor oude will anyone tis hear akouō his autos voice phōnē in en the ho streets platys. · ho 20 A shattered syntribō reed kalamos he will not ou break katagnymi, and kai a smoldering typhō wick linon he will not ou snuff sbennymi out , until heōs an he brings ekballō justice krisis to eis victory nikos. · ho 21 And kai in ho his autos name onoma the nations ethnos will put their hope elpizō.”

22 Then tote a blind typhlos and kai mute kōphos demoniac daimonizomai was brought prospherō to him autos, and kai he healed therapeuō him autos so hōste that the ho mute kōphos could both speak laleō and kai see blepō. 23 And kai all pas the ho crowds ochlos were astonished existēmi and kai were saying legō, “ Could mēti this houtos be eimi the ho Son hyios of David Dauid?” 24 But de when the ho Pharisees Pharisaios heard akouō this, they said legō, “ This houtos fellow does not ou cast ekballō out · ho demons daimonion except ei mē by en · ho Beelzebul Beelzeboul, the ruler archōn of the ho demons daimonion.”

25 But de he knew oida · ho their autos thoughts enthumēsis and said legō to them autos, “ Every pas kingdom basileia divided merizō against kata itself heautou is brought erēmoō to ruin , and kai no ou city polis or ē house oikia divided merizō against kata itself heautou will stand histēmi. 26 So kai if ei · ho Satan Satanas casts out ekballō · ho Satan Satanas, he is divided merizō against epi himself heautou; how pōs then oun will his autos kingdom basileia stand histēmi? · ho 27 And kai if ei I egō cast out ekballō demons daimonion by en Beelzebul Beelzeboul, · ho by en whom tis do · ho your hymeis sons hyios cast ekballō them out ? For dia this reason houtos they autos will be eimi your hymeis judges kritēs. 28 But de if ei I egō cast out ekballō demons daimonion by en the Spirit pneuma of God theos, · ho then ara the ho kingdom basileia of ho God theos has come phthanō upon epi you hymeis. 29 Or ē how pōs can dynamai someone tis enter eiserchomai eis the ho strong man’ s ischuros house oikia · ho and kai carry off harpazō · ho his autos belongings skeuos, unless ean mē he first prōton ties deō up the ho strong ischuros man ? And kai then tote he will ransack diarpazō his autos · ho house oikia. 30 The ho one who is eimi not with meta me egō is eimi against kata me egō, and kai the ho one who does not gather synagō with meta me egō scatters.

31  For dia this houtos reason I say legō to you hymeis, every pas sin hamartia and kai blasphemy blasphēmia will be forgiven aphiēmi · ho people anthrōpos, but de the ho blasphemy blasphēmia against the ho Spirit pneuma will not ou be forgiven aphiēmi. 32 And kai whoever hos ean speaks legō a word logos against kata the ho Son hyios of ho Man anthrōpos will be forgiven aphiēmi; but de whoever hos speaks legō against kata the ho Holy hagios Spirit pneuma · ho will not ou be forgiven aphiēmi, neither oute in en this houtos · ho age aiōn nor oute in en the ho age to come mellō.

33  Either ē make poieō the ho tree dendron good kalos and kai · ho its autos fruit karpos good kalos, or ē make poieō the ho tree dendron rotten sapros and kai · ho its autos fruit karpos rotten sapros; for gar the ho tree dendron is known ginōskō by ek its ho fruit karpos. 34 You offspring gennēma of snakes echidna! How pōs can dynamai you , being eimi evil ponēros, speak laleō good agathos things ? For gar out ek of the ho abundance perisseuma of the ho heart kardia the ho mouth stoma speaks laleō. 35 The ho good agathos man anthrōpos brings ekballō good things agathos out ek of his ho good agathos treasure thēsauros, and kai the ho evil ponēros man anthrōpos brings ekballō evil things ponēros out ek of his ho evil ponēros treasure thēsauros. 36 But de I say legō to you hymeis that hoti on en the day hēmera of judgment krisis, people anthrōpos will give apodidōmi an account logos for every pas careless argos word rhēma they speak laleō. · ho 37 For gar by ek · ho your sy words logos you will be justified dikaioō, and kai by ek · ho your sy words logos you will be condemned katadikazō.”

38 Then tote some tis of the ho scribes grammateus and kai Pharisees Pharisaios answered apokrinomai him autos, saying legō, “ Teacher didaskalos, we wish thelō to see a sign sēmeion from apo you sy.” 39 But de he ho answered apokrinomai them autos, “An evil ponēros and kai adulterous moichalis generation genea asks for epizēteō a sign sēmeion, but kai no ou sign sēmeion will be given didōmi to it autos except ei mē the ho sign sēmeion of Jonah Iōnas the ho prophet prophētēs. 40 For gar just hōsper as Jonah Iōnas was eimi in en the ho belly koilia of the ho great fish kētos for three treis days hēmera and kai three treis nights nyx, so houtōs will eimi the ho Son hyios of ho Man anthrōpos be in en the ho heart kardia of the ho earth for three treis days hēmera and kai three treis nights nyx. 41 The men anēr of Nineveh Nineuitēs will stand anistēmi up at en the ho judgment krisis with meta · ho this houtos generation genea and kai condemn katakrinō it autos, for hoti they repented metanoeō at eis the ho preaching kērygma of Jonah Iōnas; and kai look idou, something greater polys than Jonah Iōnas is here hōde! 42 The queen basilissa of the South notos will rise egeirō up at en the ho judgment krisis with meta · ho this houtos generation genea and kai condemn katakrinō it autos, because hoti she came erchomai from ek the ho ends peras of the ho earth to hear akouō the ho wisdom sophia of Solomon Solomōn; and kai look idou, something greater polys than Solomon Solomōn is here hōde!

43  When hotan · de an ho unclean akathartos spirit pneuma comes exerchomai out of apo a ho person anthrōpos, it wanders dierchomai through dia waterless anydros regions topos in search zēteō of a resting anapausis place , but kai finds heuriskō none ou. 44 Then tote it says legō, ‘ I will return epistrephō to eis · ho my egō house oikos from which hothen I came exerchomai.’ And kai when it arrives erchomai, it finds heuriskō the house unoccupied scholazō, swept saroō, and kai put kosmeō in order . 45 Then tote it goes poreuō and kai brings paralambanō along with meta it heautou seven hepta other heteros spirits pneuma more evil ponēros than itself heautou, and kai they enter eiserchomai and settle katoikeō down there ekei; and kai the ho last eschatos state of ho that ekeinos person anthrōpos turns out to be ginomai worse cheirōn than the ho first prōtos. So houtōs will eimi it be for ho this houtos evil ponēros generation genea as well kai.” · ho

46 While he autos was still eti speaking laleō to the ho people ochlos, · ho his autos mother mētēr and kai · ho his autos brothers adelphos stood histēmi outside exō, wanting zēteō to speak laleō to him autos. 47 And de someone tis said legō to him autos, “ Look idou, your sy · ho mother mētēr and kai your sy · ho brothers adelphos are standing histēmi outside exō, waiting zēteō to speak laleō with you sy.” 48 But de he ho answered apokrinomai, saying legō to the ho one who had told legō him autos, “ Who tis is eimi · ho my egō mother mētēr? And kai who tis are eimi · ho my egō brothers adelphos?” 49 And kai stretching ekteinō out · ho his autos hand cheir toward epi · ho his autos disciples mathētēs, he said legō, “ Look idou, here are · ho my egō mother mētēr and kai · ho my egō brothers adelphos! 50 For gar whoever hostis does poieō the ho will thelēma of ho my egō Father patēr · ho in en heaven ouranos, he autos is eimi my egō brother adelphos and kai sister adelphē and kai mother mētēr.”

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