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21  Brother adelphos will hand paradidōmi over · de brother adelphos to eis death thanatos, and kai a father patēr his child teknon, and kai children teknon will rise epanistēmi up against epi parents goneus and kai have them autos put to death thanatoō. 22 And kai you will be eimi hated miseō by hypo all pas on dia account of · ho my egō name onoma. But de the ho one who endures hypomenō to eis the end telos, this houtos one will be saved sōzō. 23 When hotan · de they persecute diōkō you hymeis in en · ho one houtos town polis, flee pheugō to eis · ho another heteros; for gar I tell legō you hymeis the truth amēn, you will not ou mē finish teleō going through all the ho towns polis of ho Israel Israēl before heōs an the ho Son hyios of ho Man anthrōpos comes erchomai.

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