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26 Then Jesus sent him home with these instructions: “Go home, but don’t tell anyone what happened, not even the people of your own village.”[a]

Peter Receives Revelation from God

27 Then Jesus and his disciples walked[b] to the villages near Caesarea Philippi.[c] On the way, he posed this question to his disciples: “Who do the people say that I am?”

28 They replied, “Some say John the Baptizer, others say Elijah[d] the prophet, and still others say you must be one of the prophets.”

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  1. Mark 8:26 As translated from the Aramaic and some Greek manuscripts. The Greek contains many variations of this statement. Other manuscripts read “Go to your house, and if you go into the village, don’t tell anyone what happened.” Others read “Do not even go into the village.”
  2. Mark 8:27 This would likely have been a two-day journey of thirty miles north from Bethsaida.
  3. Mark 8:27 This was a beautiful area north of Lake Galilee near Tel-Dan. Located at the foothills of Mount Hermon, it was an ancient Roman city rebuilt by Philip the tetrarch in honor of Augustus Caesar.
  4. Mark 8:28 For the Jews, the return of Elijah would signal the end of days. See Mal. 4:5.

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