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And kai he said legō to the ho man anthrōpos who ho had echō the ho withered xēros hand cheir, “ Get egeirō up and step eis · ho forward mesos.” And kai he said legō to them autos, “Is it lawful on the ho Sabbath sabbaton to do poieō good agathos or ē to do evil kakopoieō, to save sōzō life psychē or ē to destroy apokteinō it?” But de they ho remained silent siōpaō. And kai after looking periblepō around at them autos in meta anger orgē, grieved syllypeō at epi the ho hardness pōrōsis of ho their autos heart kardia, he said legō to the ho man anthrōpos, “ Stretch ekteinō out your ho hand cheir.” And kai he stretched ekteinō out his autos hand cheir and kai it was restored apokathistēmi. · ho

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