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12 And he arose, and immediately having picked-up the cot, went out in front of everyone, so that everyone was astonished[a] and glorifying God, saying that “We never saw anything like this”.

Jesus Calls Levi The Tax Collector And Eats With His Friends: I Came For Sinners

13 And He went out again beside the sea. And all the multitude[b] was coming to Him. And He was teaching them. 14 And while passing on He saw Levi, the son of Alphaeus, sitting at the tax-office[c]. And He says to him “Be following Me!” And having stood-up, he followed Him.

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  1. Mark 2:12 Or, beside-themselves.
  2. Mark 2:13 Or, the whole crowd.
  3. Mark 2:14 Or, tax-booth. Levi (Matthew) was on the job, collecting taxes for Herod Antipas.