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43 And kai after sternly warning embrimaomai him autos, Jesus sent ekballō him autos away at once, 44 and kai said legō to him autos, “ See horaō that you say legō nothing to anyone mēdeis, but alla go hypagō, show deiknymi yourself seautou to the ho priest hiereus, and kai offer prospherō for peri · ho your sy cleansing katharismos what hos Moses Mōysēs commanded prostassō, as eis a testimony martyrion to them autos.”

45 However de, he ho went exerchomai out and began archō to announce kēryssō it publicly polys and kai spread diaphēmizō abroad the ho news logos, so hōste that Jesus autos could dynamai no longer mēketi openly phanerōs enter eiserchomai a town polis, but alla stayed eimi out exō in epi unpopulated erēmos areas topos. Yet kai people kept coming erchomai to pros him autos from every pantothen quarter .

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