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22 The people were awestruck and overwhelmed[a] by his teaching, because he taught in a way that demonstrated God’s authority, which was quite unlike the religious scholars.[b]

23 Suddenly, during the meeting, a demon-possessed man screamed out, 24 “Hey! Leave us alone! Jesus the victorious,[c] I know who you are. You’re God’s Holy One and you have come to destroy us!”[d]

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  1. Mark 1:22 The Greek word used here, ekplesso, is a strong verb that means “awestruck, filled with amazement, astonished, panic stricken, something that takes your breath away (being hit with a blow), to be shocked, to expel, to drive out.” Clearly, Jesus spoke with such glory and power emanating from him that his words were like thunderbolts in their hearts. May we hear his words in the same way today.
  2. Mark 1:22 Or “scribes” (experts of the Law). Jesus taught from an inner knowledge of God and his Word, for his teaching emphasized obedience to God from the heart, not just outwardly keeping of laws.
  3. Mark 1:24 As translated from the Aramaic. The Greek is “Jesus the Nazarene” (“Branch” or “Scion”).
  4. Mark 1:24 The demon knew Jesus’ true identity before the people did. This is not so much a question (Have you come to destroy us?), but rather an assertive and defiant declaration. There is no question mark in the Greek text. The demonized man was apparently comfortable in the presence of the religious teachers, but when Jesus stepped into the room, he spoke out and couldn’t resist the power of Jesus.

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