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13 And kai as he autos went ekporeuomai out of ek the ho temple hieron, one heis of ho his autos disciples mathētēs said legō to him autos, “ Teacher didaskalos, look ide, what potapos massive stones lithos and kai what potapos magnificent buildings oikodomē!” And kai · ho Jesus Iēsous said legō to him autos, “ Do you see blepō these houtos · ho great megas buildings oikodomē? Not ou mē a single stone lithos will be left aphiēmi here hōde resting on epi another lithos that hos will not ou mē be thrown down katalyō.” So kai while he autos was sitting kathēmai on eis the ho Mount oros of ho Olives elaia opposite katenanti the ho temple hieron, Peter Petros, James Iakōbos, John Iōannēs, and kai Andrew Andreas questioned eperōtaō him autos privately kata idios. · kai · kai Tell legō us hēmeis, when pote will these houtos things be eimi, and kai what tis will be the ho sign sēmeion when hotan all pas these things houtos are about mellō to take place synteleō?” · ho And de Jesus Iēsous began archō to speak legō to them autos, “ Watch blepō out lest someone tis mislead planaō you hymeis. Many polys will come erchomai in epi · ho my egō name onoma, saying legō, ‘ I egō am eimi he,’ and kai they will deceive planaō many polys. And de when hotan you hear akouō of wars polemos and kai rumors akoē of wars polemos, do not be alarmed throeō; those things must dei happen ginomai, but alla the ho end telos is not oupō yet . For gar nation ethnos will rise egeirō against epi nation ethnos and kai kingdom basileia against epi kingdom basileia. There will be eimi earthquakes seismos in kata various places topos; there will be eimi famines limos. These houtos are the beginning archē of birth pains ōdin. But de watch blepō out for yourselves heautou; they will deliver paradidōmi you hymeis over to eis local councils synedrion, and kai in eis synagogues synagōgē you will be beaten derō, and kai before epi governors hēgemōn and kai kings basileus you will be made to stand histēmi for my egō sake, to eis bear witness martyrion to them autos. 10 · kai First prōton the ho gospel euangelion must dei be preached kēryssō to eis every pas · ho nation ethnos. 11 And kai when hotan they bring agō you hymeis to trial and deliver paradidōmi you over , do not worry promerimnaō ahead of time what tis you should say laleō, but alla whatever hos ean is given didōmi you hymeis in en that ekeinos · ho hour hōra, speak laleō; for gar you hymeis are eimi not ou the ho ones who will be speaking laleō, but alla the ho Holy hagios Spirit pneuma. · ho 12 And kai brother adelphos will deliver paradidōmi over brother adelphos to eis death thanatos, and kai a father patēr his child teknon; and kai children teknon will rise epanistēmi up in rebellion against epi parents goneus and kai have them autos put thanatoō to death . 13 And kai you will be eimi hated miseō by hypo all pas on dia account of · ho my egō name onoma. But de the ho one who perseveres hypomenō to eis the end telos will be saved sōzō.

14  When hotan · de you see the ho abomination bdelygma of ho desolation erēmōsis standing histēmi where hopou he should not ou be dei ( let the ho reader anaginōskō understand noeō), then tote let those ho who are in en · ho Judea Ioudaia flee pheugō to eis the ho mountains oros. 15 Let the ho one · de who is on epi the ho housetop dōma not come down katabainō, nor mēde enter eiserchomai his autos house oikia to remove airō anything tis from ek it; · ho 16 and kai let the ho one who is in eis the ho field agros not return epistrephō · ho to get airō · ho his autos cloak himation. 17 But de woe ouai to those ho women who are echō pregnant en gastēr and kai to those ho who are nursing thēlazō in en those ekeinos · ho days hēmera. 18 And de pray proseuchomai that hina it may not happen ginomai during winter cheimōn, 19 because gar those ekeinos will be eimi · ho days hēmera of such toioutos tribulation thlipsis as hoios has never ou happened ginomai from apo the beginning archē of creation ktisis, which hos God theos created ktizō, · ho until heōs · ho now nyn, nor ever kai will be ginomai. 20 And kai unless ei mē the Lord kyrios had cut koloboō short the ho number of days hēmera, no ou one pas would an survive sōzō; but alla on account dia of the ho elect eklektos, whom hos he chose eklegomai, he cut koloboō short the ho days hēmera. 21 And kai then tote if ean someone tis should say legō to you hymeis, ‘ Look ide, here hōde is the ho Christ Christos!’ or, ‘ Look ide, there ekei he is!’— do not believe pisteuō it. 22 For gar false christs pseudochristos and kai false prophets pseudoprophētēs will arise egeirō and kai will offer didōmi signs sēmeion and kai wonders teras in pros order to · ho deceive apoplanaō, if ei possible dynatos, the ho elect eklektos. 23 But de you hymeis, beware blepō; I have told you hymeis all pas this in advance. 24 But alla in en those ekeinos · ho days hēmera, after meta · ho that ekeinos tribulation thlipsis, the ho sun hēlios will be darkened, and kai the ho moon selēnē will not ou give didōmi · ho its autos light phengos, 25 and kai the ho stars astēr will be eimi falling piptō from ek · ho heaven ouranos, and kai the ho powers dynamis · ho in en the ho heavens ouranos will be shaken saleuō. 26 And kai then tote they will see horaō the ho Son hyios of ho Man anthrōpos coming erchomai in en clouds nephelē, with meta great polys power dynamis and kai glory doxa. 27 And kai at tote that time he will send apostellō his ho angels angelos, and kai will gather episynagō · ho his autos elect eklektos from ek the ho four tessares winds anemos, from apo the ends akron of the earth to heōs the ends akron of heaven ouranos.

28  Now de from apo the ho fig sykē tree learn manthanō its ho parable parabolē: As soon as hotan · ho its autos bough klados becomes ginomai tender hapalos and kai puts ekphyō out its ho leaves phyllon, you know ginōskō that hoti summer theros is eimi near engys. · ho 29 So houtōs also kai, when hotan you hymeis see these houtos things taking ginomai place , you know ginōskō that hoti he is eimi near engys, at epi the gates thura. 30 I tell legō you hymeis the truth amēn, this houtos generation genea will not ou mē pass parerchomai away · ho until mechri hos all pas these houtos things begin to take place ginomai. 31 · ho Heaven ouranos and kai · ho earth will pass away parerchomai, · ho but de my egō words logos will never ou mē pass away parerchomai. 32 But de of peri · ho that ekeinos day hēmera or ē · ho hour hōra no oudeis one knows oida, neither oude the ho angels angelos in en heaven ouranos, nor oude the ho Son hyios, but only ei the ho Father patēr. 33 Watch blepō out , be alert agrypneō, for gar you do not ou know oida when pote the ho time kairos will come eimi. 34 It is like hōs a man anthrōpos going on a journey apodēmos. He left aphiēmi · ho his autos home oikia and kai gave didōmi authority exousia to ho his autos servants, · ho to each hekastos one · ho his autos work ergon, and kai he ordered entellō the ho doorkeeper thurōros to hina stay grēgoreō alert . 35 So oun stay grēgoreō alert for gar you do not ou know oida when pote the ho master kyrios of the ho house oikia will return erchomai, whether ē in the evening opse, or ē at midnight mesonyktion, or ē at cock alektorophōnia crowing , or ē toward daybreak prōi 36 lest coming erchomai suddenly exaiphnēs he should find heuriskō you hymeis sleeping katheudō. 37 And de what hos I say legō to you hymeis, I say legō to all pas: Stay grēgoreō alert !”

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