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25 And whenever you stand praying,[a] if you find that you carry something in your heart against another person, release him and forgive him[b] so that your Father in heaven will also release you and forgive you of your faults. 26 But if you will not release forgiveness, don’t expect your Father in heaven to release you from your misdeeds.”[c]

The Religious Leaders Question Jesus’ Authority

27 They came again into Jerusalem, and while Jesus was walking in the temple courts, the Jewish rulers—the chief priest, certain religious scholars, and the elders—approached him. They came up to him

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  1. Mark 11:25 Most ancient Jewish prayers require that a person stand to pray.
  2. Mark 11:25 The Greek word for forgiveness is apehiemi and means “to send away,” “to take away,” “to release,” “to let flow” (away).
  3. Mark 11:26 This verse is omitted by the Greek texts of Nestle-Aland, Wescott & Hort, and most modern translations because it is not found in some of the most reliable and earliest manuscripts. It is found in the Aramaic. Although its inclusion is dubious, this translation includes it, for it does not interfere with the understanding of this pericope and a similar saying is found in Matt. 6:15.

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