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Mark 10:46-48 The Passion Translation (TPT)

Jesus Heals Blind Bar-Timai

46 When Jesus and his disciples had passed through Jericho, a large crowd joined them. Upon leaving the village, they met a blind beggar sitting on the side of the road named Timai, the son of Timai.[a] 47 When he heard that Jesus from Nazareth was passing by, he began to shout “Jesus, son of David,[b] have mercy on me now in my affliction. Heal me!”[c]

48 Those in the crowd were indignant and scolded him for making so much of a disturbance, but he kept shouting with all his might, “Son of David, have mercy on me now and heal me!”


  1. Mark 10:46 The name Timai is Aramaic and means “highly prized” (or “esteemed”). Though unable to see, he was highly prized in the eyes of Jesus, who stopped to heal him. The Greek transliteration is “Bar-Timaeus, son of Timaeus,” which is somewhat confusing, since the name Bar-Timaeus means “son of Timaeus.” The Aramaic is to be preferred, for Timai spoke Aramaic when he cried out to Jesus (v. 51), for “Rabbi” (“master-teacher”) is an Aramaic title of respect.
  2. Mark 10:47 The term “son of David” was used for the Messiah. The blind man believed Jesus was the one who was fulfilling the messianic claims of restoring sight to the blind.
  3. Mark 10:47 Implied in the Hebraic saying “Have mercy on me.” The mark of mercy would be his healing.
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