14 Yet you say, “For what reason?” Because the Lord has been a witness between you and the (A)wife of your youth, against whom you have dealt (B)treacherously, though she is your marriage companion and your wife by covenant. 15 [a]But not one has (C)done so who has a remnant of the Spirit. And [b]why the one? He was seeking a (D)godly offspring. Be careful then about your spirit, and see that none of you deals (E)treacherously against the wife of your youth. 16 “For [c]I hate [d](F)divorce,” says the Lord, the God of Israel, “and [e]him who covers his garment with (G)violence,” says the Lord of armies. “So be careful about your spirit, that you do not deal treacherously.”

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  1. Malachi 2:15 Or Did He not make one, although He had the remnant
  2. Malachi 2:15 Or what did the one do while he was seeking
  3. Malachi 2:16 Lit He hates
  4. Malachi 2:16 Lit sending away
  5. Malachi 2:16 Lit he covers

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