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Luke 3:21-22 The Passion Translation (TPT)

The Baptism of Jesus

21–22 One day Jesus came to be baptized[a] along with all the others. As he was consumed with the spirit of prayer,[b] the heavenly realm ripped open above him and the Holy Spirit descended from heaven in the visible, tangible form of a dove[c] and landed on him. Then God’s audible voice was heard, saying, “My Son, you are my beloved one.[d] Through you I am fulfilled.”[e]


  1. Luke 3:21 Jesus identified with sinners, even at his baptism. Although he had no sin, he chose to become one with sinners and was washed by John as a preview of what would happen when he became sin and was judged for our sins at the cross.
  2. Luke 3:21 We read about Jesus praying eight times in Luke’s Gospel. (1) At his baptism Jesus prayed and the heavens were opened, revealing his sonship. Jesus asked the Father to send the Holy Spirit to strengthen him for his wilderness temptations (3:21-23). (2) Jesus prayed in solitude, and miracles broke loose in his ministry (5:16-17). (3) Jesus prayed all night before he chose his twelve companions (6:12-16). (4) Jesus prayed for his apostles to receive the full revelation of who he is (9:18-22). (5) When Jesus was about to be glorified in splendor on the mountain, he prayed, and his face glowed with a flashing light (9:28-29). (6) Jesus prayed that he would be an example to every one of his disciples (11:1). (7) Jesus prayed for Peter’s restoration and future ministry (22:31-32). (8) Jesus prayed in Gethsemane for strength and glory as the terrors of Calvary lay before him (22:41-46).
  3. Luke 3:21 What a beautiful picture: a dove resting on a lamb. To have the power of the Spirit (dove), we need to have the nature of the Lamb (Jesus). Although Jesus had the Holy Spirit from his immaculate conception, at his baptism he received the abiding presence of the Holy Spirit to fulfill his ministry. God gives more and more of his Spirit to those who love him and obey him.
  4. Luke 3:21 The heavenly voice confirms the identity of Jesus as Messiah. God quoted Ps. 2:7 and Isa. 42:1, both of which are considered as speaking of the Christ. God publicly stated that Jesus was the long-awaited and much-loved Son, the Christ. The Trinity is clearly seen in this passage: Jesus, the Holy Spirit, and the Father.
  5. Luke 3:21 As translated from the Aramaic text. The Greek text states, “in whom I am greatly pleased.” When the presence of the Holy Spirit came upon the Son of God, those around him heard the voice of the Father. We see from this a picture of the triune God, three in one.
The Passion Translation (TPT)

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