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Luke 10:1-11 The Passion Translation (TPT)

Labor Shortage

10 After this, the Lord Jesus formed thirty-five teams among the other disciples. Each team was two disciples, seventy in all,[a] and he commissioned them to go ahead of him into every town he was about to visit. He released them with these instructions:

“The harvest is huge and ripe. But there are not enough harvesters to bring it all in. As you go, plead with the Owner of the Harvest to drive out[b] into his harvest fields many more workers. Now, off you go! I am sending you out even though you feel as vulnerable as lambs going into a pack of wolves. You won’t need to take anything[c] with you—trust in God alone. And don’t get distracted from my purpose by anyone you might meet along the way.

“Once you enter a house, speak to the people there and say, ‘God’s blessing of peace be upon this house!’ If a lover of peace[d] resides there, your peace will rest upon that household.[e] But if you are rejected, your blessing of peace will come back upon you. Don’t feel the need to shift from one house to another, but stay put in one home during your time in that city. Eat and drink whatever they serve you. Receive their hospitality, for you are my harvester, and you deserve to be cared for.

“When you enter into a new town, and you have been welcomed by its people, follow these rules: Eat[f] what is served you. Then heal the sick, and tell them all, ‘God’s kingdom realm has arrived and is now within your reach!’ 10 But when you enter a city and they do not receive you, say to them publicly, 11 ‘We wipe from our feet the very dust of your streets as a testimony before you![g] Understand this: God’s kingdom realm came within your reach and yet you have rejected God’s invitation!’”


  1. Luke 10:1 The text states they were “other” (i.e., other than the Twelve). A few Greek manuscripts have “seventy-two.” The number seventy is a key numerical symbol in the Bible. Seventy nations are listed in Gen. 10, seventy of Jacob’s clan went into Egypt (Ex. 1:5), seventy palm trees refreshed God’s people at Elim (Ex. 15:27), seventy elders served with Moses (Ex. 24:1), seventy princes are mentioned in Judg. 9:56, seventy men sat on the council of the Sanhedrin, and Jesus sent out seventy apostles to preach the message of the kingdom.
  2. Luke 10:2 This is the term used many times in the Gospels for driving out or casting out demons. The Lord of the Harvest must cast them forth. The Holy Spirit is the Director of the Harvest.
  3. Luke 10:4 The text states literally “Take no money, no knapsack, no sandals.” The implication is that they were to trust in God alone for all their needs to be met.
  4. Luke 10:6 Literally “son of peace,” which is a way of saying, “a godly man.”
  5. Luke 10:6 Or as translated from the Aramaic, “Let him rest upon your peace.”
  6. Luke 10:8 This instruction to “eat what is served” was given twice, for the Jewish dietary laws were not meant to be a hindrance in their ministry, nor were the disciples to demand certain foods.
  7. Luke 10:11 See footnote on Luke 9:5.
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