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Luke 9 Hawai‘i Pidgin (HWP)

Jesus Send His Twelve Guys All Ova

Jesus tell his twelve guys fo come togedda, an he give um da right an da power fo make all da bad kine spirits let go peopo, an make all kine sick peopo come good. Den he send um all ova fo tell everybody bout how dey can get God fo dea King, an fo make da sick peopo come good. He tell um, “No take notting fo da trip; no walking stick, no bag, no bread, no money, no extra clotheses. Wen you guys go somebodyʼs house, stay dea till you go way from dat town. If da peopo inside da town no like you guys come, an no like hear wat you guys teach, den wen you guys go outa da town, dust da dust from yoa feet, fo show da peopo dea dat God no like if dey no listen.” So da guys wen go out an go from one small town to anodda, an dey teach da Good Stuff From God, an make da sick peopo all ova da place come good.

King Herod Come All Mix Up

Dat time King Herod wen hear bout all dat wen happen. An he come all mix up, cuz some peopo wen say John Da Baptiza Guy, he wen come back alive. Odda peopo say dat Elijah wen show up. An oddas dat one guy dat wen talk fo God long time ago wen come back alive. Herod say, “I wen make my army guys cut off Johnʼs head. Den who dis guy? I stay hearing bout all da kine stuff he do.” An Herod wen like see Jesus.

Jesus Feed Five Tousand Guys

10 Da guys Jesus wen send all ova da place come back, an dey tell Jesus wat dey wen do. Den he take dem wit him an dey go way by demself to Betsaida town. 11 But all da peopo wen hear dat Jesus dem stay ova dea, so dey go dea too. Jesus give da peopo his aloha. He tell um bout how dey can get God fo dea King, an he make da sick peopo come good.

12 Wen da sun stay going down, da twelve guys wen come by him an say, “Send all da peopo away so dey can go da small towns an odda places aroun hea an get someting fo eat an some place fo sleep, cuz ova hea no mo notting.”

13 Jesus say, “You guys, you give um someting fo eat.”

Dey say, “We ony get five breads an two fishes. You like us go buy food fo all dis peopo?” 14 (Had bout five tousand guys ova dea.)

But he tell his guys, “Make everybody sit down, like fifty ova hea, fifty ova dea.” 15 His guys wen do dat, an everybody sit down. 16 Jesus take da five breads an da two fishes. He look up da sky, an tell God “Eh God! You good heart fo give da peopo food!” an broke da bread an da fishes. Den he give um to his guys fo give to da peopo. 17 Dey all wen eat, an come full. His guys wen take twelve big baskets an fill um up wit da lefovas.

Wat Peter Say Bout Jesus

18 One time Jesus wen pray in one place wea neva have nobody, an ony his guys wen stay dea wit him. He aks um, “So! Who da peopo tink me?”

19 Da guys say, “Some guys say you John Da Baptiza Guy. Odda guys say Elijah. An odda guys say you one guy dat wen talk fo God long time ago, an now you come back alive.”

20 He aks dem, “Kay den, wat bout you guys? Who you guys tink me?”

Peter say, “You da Christ Guy, da Spesho Guy God Wen Send.”

Jesus Tell Um He Gotta Mahke An Come Back Alive

21 Jesus tell um, “You guys betta not tell nobody dat I da Christ Guy, da Spesho One God wen send.” 22 He say, “I da Guy Dass Fo Real. I gotta suffa plenny stuff. Da older leadas, an da main priest guys, an da teachas dat teach Godʼs Rules, dey goin figga I not Da Guy Dass Fo Real, an dey goin kill me fo dat. But day numba three, I goin come back alive.”

23 Den he tell all dem, “Whoeva like stick wit me, dey gotta make up dea mind dat dey no goin be dea own boss no moa. Goin be hard, jalike dying on top one cross every day. An den dey can stick wit me. 24 If bodda you dat you goin mahke, fo shua you goin mahke. But if you like do everyting you do fo me, an no bodda you if you mahke fo dat, den you goin live fo real kine. 25 Dis poho: one guy get everyting inside dis world, but end up losing himself, an no mo life inside. 26 If one guy stay shame a me an da tings I say, den me, da Guy Dass Fo Real, I goin be shame a him wen I come back. I goin be awesome jalike my Fadda, wen I come back wit my spesho angel guys. 27 Dass true, wat I telling you guys: Some a da peopo dat stay hea now, dey no goin mahke befo dey see how stay wen God da King.”

Jesus Come Diffren

28 Bout one week lata, Jesus wen take Peter, John, an James wit him up one mountain fo pray. 29 Wen he stay praying, his face wen change an he look real diffren. His clotheses come bright jalike da lightning. 30 Right den an dea two guys, Moses an Elijah, come outa no wea, an dey stay talking wit Jesus. 31 Dey awesome. Dey talk bout how Jesus goin do everyting, jalike God wen say, cuz pretty soon he goin mahke Jerusalem side. 32 Peter an his friends wen sleep. But wen dey wake up, dey see Jesus, an da two guys standing dea wit him. An he look awesome. 33 Wen da two guys wen start fo go way from Jesus, Peter tell him, “You know wat, Boss? Good we stay ova hea! We goin make three shacks, one fo you, one fo Moses, an one fo Elijah!” (He neva know wat he was saying.)

34 Wen Peter still talking, one cloud wen come an cover um. An his guys come real scared. 35 Den one voice from inside da cloud say, “Dis my boy, da One I wen send. Listen to him!”

36 Wen da voice pau talk, ony Jesus stay dea. Dat time da guys he teaching no tell nobody bout wat dey wen see.

Jesus Make One Bad Kine Spirit Let Go One Boy

37 Da nex day dey wen go down from da mountain, an plenny peopo come fo meet Jesus. 38 One guy wen yell, “Teacha! I beg you, look my boy, my ony boy! 39 Everytime one bad kine spirit take um ova, right den an dea he yell, an roll aroun on top da groun, an foam come outa his mout. Da bad kine spirit hurt him everytime, an no like let him go. 40 I wen beg yoa guys fo throw um out, but dey no can.”

41 Jesus say, “You guys! Nowdays nobody even trus God! You guys ony know how do wrong stuff! How long I gotta be wit you guys an put up wit you guys? Bring da boy ova hea!”

42 Wen da boy stay coming, da bad spirit wen throw him down on top da groun an da boy shake all ova. But Jesus wen scold da bad spirit, an make da boy come good, an wen give him back to his fadda. 43 Dat wen blow da peopoʼs minds wen dey see Godʼs awesome power.

Jesus Tell Again Dat He Goin Mahke

Da peopo still tinking plenny bout all da stuff Jesus stay doing, an he wen tell his guys, 44 “No foget wat I goin tell you now! I da Guy Dass Fo Real. But goin get one guy goin set me up an turn me ova to some odda guys.” 45 But Jesus guys neva know wat dat mean. God neva let dem undastan till lata, an dey scared fo aks Jesus.

Who Da Numba One Guy?

46 Jesus guys wen start fo make argue bout who da numba one guy. 47 Jesus wen know wat dey tinking, so he tell one small kid fo stand by him. 48 Den he tell um, “Whoeva take in one small kid jalike dis kid cuz da kid my guy, dat guy take me in too. An whoeva take me in, dey take in da One dat wen send me too. Da guy dat put himself last, he goin be mo importan, jalike he goin come first.”

Whoeva Not Agains You, Dey Fo You

49 John say, “Boss, we wen spock one guy making da bad kine spirits let go da peopo, an using yoa name fo do um. An we tell him fo no do dat, cuz he no come from us guys.”

50 Jesus tell him an da odda guys, “No stop him, cuz whoeva not agains you, dey fo you.”

Da Peopo Inside One Small Town Inside Samaria No Like Jesus

51 Da time stay near wen Jesus going up to da sky, an he make up his mind fo go Jerusalem. 52 He send some messenja guys befo him so dey can get tings ready fo him. Dey go inside one small town Samaria side fo find one place fo stay dat nite. 53 But da peopo ova dea, dey no like him fo stay dea, cuz he going Jerusalem, an dey no like Jerusalem peopo. 54 Wen his guys James an John see dat, dey aks him, “Boss, you like us tell God fo send down fire from da sky fo kill um?” 55 But Jesus turn aroun an scold dem. 56 An dey wen go one nodda small town.

Da Guys Dat Say Dey Like Go Wit Jesus

57 Jesus dem stay walking down one road, an one guy tell him, “I going wit you wea eva you go.”

58 Jesus tell him, “Da foxes get hole fo house, an da birds get nest. But me, Da Guy Dass Fo Real, I no mo no place fo lay down.” 59 He tell anodda guy, “Come wit me. Be my guy.”

But da guy say, “First let me go bury my fadda.”

60 Jesus say, “You gotta let da guys dat no mo life inside bury dea own mahke guys. But you, go tell da peopo how dey can get God fo dea King.”

61 Anodda guy say, “Boss, I goin wit you, but first let me go back fo tell my ohana goodbye.”

62 Jesus say, “Da guy dat stay plowing da field, den look back, everyting come kapakahi. Dat kine guy no good fo work fo God da King.”

Hawai‘i Pidgin (HWP)

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