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Jesus Teaches and Heals

17 Jesus and the apostles came down from the mountain, and he stood on level ground. A large group of his followers was there, as well as many people from all around Judea, Jerusalem, and the seacoast cities of Tyre and Sidon. 18 They all came to hear Jesus teach and to be healed of their sicknesses, and he healed those who were troubled by evil spirits. 19 All the people were trying to touch Jesus, because power was coming from him and healing them all.

20 Jesus looked at his followers and said,

“You people who are poor are blessed,
    because the kingdom of God belongs to you.
21 You people who are now hungry are blessed,
    because you will be satisfied.
You people who are now crying are blessed,
    because you will laugh with joy.

22 “People will hate you, shut you out, insult you, and say you are evil because you follow the Son of Man. But when they do, you will be blessed. 23 Be full of joy at that time, because you have a great reward in heaven. Their ancestors did the same things to the prophets.

24 “But how terrible it will be for you who are rich,
    because you have had your easy life.
25 How terrible it will be for you who are full now,
    because you will be hungry.
How terrible it will be for you who are laughing now,
    because you will be sad and cry.

26 “How terrible when everyone says only good things about you, because their ancestors said the same things about the false prophets.

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