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Luke 19:11-25 The Passion Translation (TPT)

The Parable of a Prince and His Servants

11 At this time Jesus was getting close to entering Jerusalem. The crowds that followed him were convinced that God’s kingdom realm would fully manifest when Jesus established it in Jerusalem. 12 So he told them this story to change their perspective:

“Once there was a wealthy prince who left his province to travel to a distant land, where he would be crowned king and then return. 13 Before he departed he summoned his ten servants together and said, ‘I am entrusting each of you with fifty thousand dollars[a] to trade with while I am away. Invest it and put the money to work until I return.’

14 “Some of his countrymen despised the prince and sent a delegation after him to declare before the royals, ‘We refuse to let this man rule over us! He will not be our king!’

15 “Nevertheless, he was crowned king and returned to his land. Then he summoned his ten servants to see how much each one had earned and what their profits came to.

16 “The first one came forward and said, ‘Master, I took what you gave me and invested it, and it multiplied ten times.’

17 “‘Splendid! You have done well, my excellent servant. Because you have shown that you can be trusted in this small matter, I now grant you authority to rule over ten fortress cities.’

18 “The second came and said, ‘Master, what you left with me has multiplied five times.’

19 “His master said, ‘I also grant you authority in my kingdom over five fortress cities.’

20 “Another came before the king and said, ‘Master, here is the money you entrusted to me. I hid it for safekeeping. 21 You see, I live in fear of you, for everyone knows you are a strict master and impossible to please. You push us for a high return on all that you own, and you always want to gain from someone else’s efforts.’[b]

22 “The king said, ‘You wicked servant! I will judge you using your own words. If what you said about me is true, that I am a harsh man, pushing you for a high return and wanting gain from others’ efforts, 23 why didn’t you at least put my money in the bank[c] to earn some interest on what I entrusted to you?’

24 “The king said to his other servants, ‘Take the money he has and give it to the faithful servant who multiplied my money ten times over.’

25 “‘But master,’ the other servants objected, ‘why give it to him? He already has so much!’


  1. Luke 19:13 Literally “ten minas.”
  2. Luke 19:21 The text is literally “You pick up what you didn’t lay down and reap where you didn’t sow.” This statement is obviously not true. The opposite can be found in how the master shared his kingdom with the other more faithful servants. Today, many likewise have a misconception of the true heart of our Master. Our Master makes servants into rulers.
  3. Luke 19:23 The text is literally “upon a table,” a metaphor for where banking transactions took place.
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