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Luke 12 Hawai‘i Pidgin (HWP)

Da Guys Dat Teach One Ting An Do Anodda

12 Bumbye uku plenny peopo wen come togedda, dat dey even step on top each odda. Jesus wen start fo talk to his guys first. He say, “Watch out fo da Pharisee guys, cuz dey teach one ting an do anodda. So watch out you no come like dem. Dey jalike da yeast fo make bread -- ony need litto bit fo change da whole bread. Cuz you know, everyting dat stay unda one cover, da peopo goin see um, an everyting dat stay hiding, dey goin find out. Wateva you say in da dark time, dey goin hear um wen come light. Wateva you wispa in somebodyʼs ear behind one door dat stay close, somebody goin yell um from da top a da house. So, no teach one ting an do anodda.”

You Scared?

“My friends, I telling you, no scared da guys dat can kill yoa body, but afta dat, dey no can do notting mo worse den dat. But I show you who fo be scared bout -- betta be scared God, cuz he can kill yoa body an den he get da power fo throw you inside Hell. Yeah, I telling you, he da one you gotta be scared bout! Five sparrows cost ony two cents, yeah? But yet God no foget one a dem. God, he even know how much hairs you get on top yoa head. Fo him, you guys no need be scared, cuz you worth mo den plenny sparrows.

Who Jesus?

“I telling you, whoeva say in front da peopo dat he my guy, I goin say in front Godʼs angel guys dat I know dat guy, cuz I da Guy Dass Fo Real. But da guy dat say in front da peopo dat he no like be my guy, I goin say in front Godʼs angel guys dat he not my guy.

10 “Whoeva talk bad bout me, da Guy Dass Fo Real, God goin let dem go hemo da shame fo dat. But whoeva talk bad bout Godʼs Spesho Spirit, God no goin let dem go an hemo da shame fo dat.

11 “Wen dey bring you guys in front da Jewish church peopo, o in front da leada guys, o da guys dat get plenny power, no worry wat you goin say, 12 cuz dat time Godʼs Spesho Spirit goin tell you guys wat fo say.”

Da Rich Guy Dat No Tink

13 Get plenny peopo ova dea, an one guy aks him, “Teacha, tell my brudda he gotta half half da stuff our fadda wen leave us, an give me my share.”

14 Jesus say, “Eh, who wen give me da right fo judge dat, o fo half half da stuff an give you yoa share an yoa brudda his share?”

15 Jesus tell da peopo, “Watch out! Make shua you no try get everyting fo yoaself, cuz you no goin ony live fo real kine by da plenny stuffs you get.”

16 Den Jesus tell one story fo teach um: “One rich guy get one land, an he get plenny wheat. 17 He tinking, ‘Wat I goin do? I no mo place fo store my wheat an odda stuffs. 18 I know wat! I goin bus up my store houses an make um mo big, an inside I goin store all my wheat an odda stuffs. 19 Den I goin tell myself, “Eh, fo shua I one lucky guy! I get plenny good stuffs store up fo long time. So I can take it easy, an eat an drink an party up!” ’ 20 But God say, ‘Eh Brah! You no tink! Tonite you goin mahke! Den who goin get all da stuffs you wen stack up?’

21 “Dass wat goin happen to all da peopo dat make big stack stuffs fo demself, but God see um like dey no mo notting.”

Trus God An No Worry

22 Den Jesus tell his guys, “Dass why I telling you guys, no worry bout notting, how you goin live, wat you goin eat. No worry bout yoa body, wat you goin wear. 23 Wat you tink? You live ony fo food? No way! An yoa body ony fo clotheses? Not even! 24 Tink bout da birds dat fly inside da sky. Dey no plant seed o get one crop o put um inside da store houses, but God feed dem. An you guys worth mo plenny den da birds! 25 Wat one a you guys can worry ony, an dat make him stay alive one mo day? 26 If you no can do dat, how come you worry bout da odda stuffs? 27 Tink bout da flowers, how dey grow. Dey no work o make dea own clotheses. But I telling you, even King Solomon, wit all his awesome stuffs, neva get da kine awesome clotheses like da flowers. 28 Da grass inside da field stay growing one day, an dey throw um on top da fire da nex day. Eh, God give da grass da kine clotheses like da flowers, so garans he goin give you guys clotheses even moa. You guys ony trus litto bit! 29 So eh! No go worry bout wat you goin eat, o wat you goin drink. No worry bout um notting. 30 All da diffren peopos dat donno God, dey try get all dat kine stuff. But yoa Fadda know dat you need all dat. 31 Make God da Boss fo yoa life, cuz he da King, an he goin give you guys all dat kine stuff too.

Da Rich Stuff Inside Da Sky

32 “You guys, you jalike baby sheeps. No scared, cuz yoa Fadda da King like give you everyting he get. 33 Sell everyting you get an give da money to da peopo dat no mo notting. Get da kine money bag dat no goin get holes. Make shua you get da importan kine stuff from God inside da sky, dat stay foeva. Da steala guy no can steal um ova dea, an da bugs no can eat um up. 34 Cuz you know, wateva kine stuffs stay da mos importan fo you, dass wea yoa heart stay.

Da Workas Dat Stay Awake An Ready

35 “Betta be ready, jalike you put on yoa clotheses an get ready fo work, an leave da light on, 36 jalike da worka guys dat wait fo dea boss, wen he come back from da wedding lu‛au. Wen he come knock da door, right den an dea dey open da door fo him. 37 Wen da boss come back, goin be good fo da worka guys dat stay awake an watching. Dass right! An I like tell you guys dis too: Fo dem, da boss goin put on one workaʼs clotheses, make his workas sit down at da table, an bring um food. 38 Wen da boss come back, goin be good fo da worka guys dat stay ready, no matta he show up real late nite time. 39 Listen! If da guy inside da house wen know wat time da steala guy goin come, he no goin let um bus up da house. 40 So you guys too, you betta be ready, cuz I da Guy Dass Fo Real, an wen you tink dat I no goin come back, I goin come back.”

Da Good An Da Bad Worka

41 Peter say, “Boss, you telling dis story fo us o fo everybody?”

42 Den Jesus da Boss wen say, “If get one luna guy dat smart an his boss trus him, dass da guy his boss goin put um in charge a da odda workas, fo give um dea food da right time. 43 Wen da boss come back, dat luna guy goin stay good inside if he wen do wat da boss wen tell him fo do. 44 Dass right! An I like tell you guys dis: Da boss goin put him in charge all his stuffs. 45 But if da worka guy tink, ‘Long time my boss no come,’ an he beef wit da odda worka guys an da wahines, an he eat an drink an get drunk, 46 dat guyʼs boss goin come back one day wen da luna guy no tink he goin come, an one time wen da luna guy donno. Da boss goin wipe out da luna guy an send um away wea da peopo stay dat no trus God.

47 “Da worka guy dat know wat his boss like, an no get ready fo do um, an no do wat da boss like him fo do, his boss goin punish him real hard. 48 But da worka guy dat donno wat his boss like um fo do, so he do someting bad, his boss goin ony punish him litto bit, cuz da guy neva know. So, if God give you everyting you need fo work fo him, you betta do um good job fo him.”

Peopo Goin Fight Cuz A Jesus

49 “I wen come fo bring da fire on top da earth, an now I like da fire fo start. 50 But first I gotta suffa plenny, an I get hard time now till dat pau. 51 You tink I wen come to dis world fo help everybody come friends an no fight? I no come fo dat, but fo make um go agains each odda. 52 From now, on goin get five peopo in one ohana dat stay fight each odda, three agains two, an two agains three. 53 Dey goin stay agains each odda, da faddas agains dea boys, an da boys agains dea faddas, muddas agains dea girls, an girls agains dea muddas, mudda-in-laws agains dea daughta-in-laws, an daughta-in-laws agains dea mudda-in-laws.”

You Can Figga Da Time

54 Jesus tell da peopo, “Wen you spock one black cloud coming up, right den an dea you say, ‘Goin rain,’ an dass wat happen. 55 An wen you feel da kona wind blowing, you say, ‘Goin come hot,’ an dass wat happen. 56 You guys say one ting an do anodda! You can figga wat goin happen from da earth an da sky. How come you no can figga da tings dat stay happening now?”

Make Good Wit Yoa Brudda

57 “How come you no figga fo yoaself wat stay right? 58 Wen you going in front da judge wit one guy dat stay agains you, try fo make good wit him befo you go ova dea. Cuz if you no do dat, he goin drag you in front da judge, an da judge goin give you to da police, an da police goin throw you in jail. 59 I telling you, you gotta pay every penny you owe befo you can come out.”

Hawai‘i Pidgin (HWP)

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