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· kai It happened ginomai that soon afterward en Jesus autos began to travel diodeuō around from kata one town polis and kai village kōmē to another, proclaiming kēryssō and kai bringing euangelizō the good news of the ho kingdom basileia of ho God theos. · kai The ho twelve dōdeka disciples were with syn him autos, as kai well as certain tis women gynē who hos had been eimi healed therapeuō from apo evil ponēros spirits pneuma and kai diseases astheneia ( Mary Maria who ho is called kaleō Magdalene Magdalēnē, from apo whom hos seven hepta demons daimonion had gone out exerchomai, and kai Joanna Iōanna, wife gynē of Chuza, Herod’ s hērōdēs steward epitropē, and kai Susanna Sousanna) and kai many polys other heteros women who hostis cared diakoneō for their autos needs out ek of · ho their own autos resources hyparchō.

As a large polys crowd ochlos was gathering syneimi · de and kai people ho were coming epiporeuomai to pros Jesus autos from kata one town polis after another, he spoke legō using dia a parable parabolē. “A sower speirō went exerchomai out · ho to ho sow speirō · ho his autos seed sporos. And kai as en · ho he autos sowed speirō, some hos fell piptō along para the ho path hodos and kai was trampled katapateō underfoot , and kai the ho birds peteinon of ho heaven ouranos devoured katesthiō it autos. · kai Other heteros seed fell katapiptō on epi · ho rock petra, and kai when it came phyō up , it withered xērainō away , because dia · ho it had echō no moisture ikmas. · kai Other heteros seed fell piptō in en the middle mesos of ho thorns akantha, and kai when the ho thorns akantha came symphyō up with it, they choked apopnigō it autos. · kai Other heteros seed fell piptō into eis · ho good agathos soil , · ho and kai when it came phyō up , it produced poieō fruit karpos a hundredfold hekatontaplasiōn.” As he was saying legō these houtos things he began to call phōneō out , “ Let the ho one who has echō ears ous to hear akouō, hear akouō.”

Now de his autos disciples mathētēs were questioning eperōtaō him autos · ho as to what tis this houtos parable parabolē meant eimi. · ho 10 He ho · de said legō, “ To you hymeis it has been given didōmi to know ginōskō the ho secrets mystērion of the ho kingdom basileia of ho God theos, but de to the ho rest loipos I speak in en parables parabolē, so hina that seeing blepō they may not see blepō, and kai hearing akouō they may not understand syniēmi.

11  Now de this houtos is eimi what the ho parable parabolē means: The ho seed sporos is eimi the ho word logos of ho God theos. 12 Those ho · de along para the ho path hodos are eimi the ho ones who hear akouō then eita the ho devil diabolos comes erchomai and kai takes airō away the ho word logos from apo · ho their autos heart kardia, so hina that they may not believe pisteuō and be saved sōzō. 13 Those ho · de that fall on epi · ho rock petra are the ones who hos, when hotan they hear akouō the ho word logos, receive dechomai it with meta joy chara; but kai they houtos have echō no ou root rhiza they hos believe pisteuō for pros a while kairos but kai in en a time kairos of testing peirasmos they fall aphistēmi away . 14 As for de what ho fell piptō among eis the ho thorns akantha these houtos are eimi the ho ones who hear akouō, but kai as they go on their way poreuō they are choked sympnigō by hypo the cares merimna and kai riches ploutos and kai pleasures hēdonē of ho life bios, and kai they do not ou bring telesphoreō fruit to maturity . 15 But as for de that ho in en the ho good kalos soil these houtos are eimi the ones who hostis, having heard akouō with en an honest kalos and kai good agathos heart kardia, hold firmly onto katechō the ho word logos and kai bear karpophoreō fruit through en patient hypomonē endurance .

16  No oudeis one · de after lighting haptō a lamp lychnos covers kalyptō it autos with a container skeuos or ē puts tithēmi it under hypokatō a bed klinē, but alla places tithēmi it on epi a lampstand lychnia, so hina that those ho who come eisporeuomai in may see blepō the ho light phōs. 17 For gar nothing ou is eimi hidden kryptos that hos will ginomai not ou be ginomai disclosed phaneros, nor oude secret apokryphos that hos will not ou mē be ginōskō known and kai come erchomai to eis light phaneros.

18  Take blepō care , then oun, how pōs you hear akouō! For gar whoever hos an has echō—more will be given didōmi to him autos; and kai whoever hos does not have echō even kai what hos he seems dokeō to have echō will be taken airō away from apo him autos.”

19 The ho mother mētēr of Jesus and kai his autos brothers adelphos came paraginomai · de to pros him autos, · ho but kai they were not ou able dynamai to get syntynchanō near him autos because dia of the ho crowd ochlos. 20 It was reported apangellō · de to him autos, · ho Your sy mother mētēr and kai · ho your sy brothers adelphos are standing histēmi outside exō, wanting thelō to see you sy.” 21 In response apokrinomai he ho · de said legō to pros them autos, “ Those houtos who ho hear akouō and kai do poieō the ho word logos of ho God theos are eimi my egō mother mētēr and kai my egō brothers adelphos.”

22 It happened ginomai · de in en one heis of those ho days hēmera · kai that he autos and kai his autos disciples mathētēs got embainō into eis a boat ploion, · ho and kai he said legō to pros them autos, “ Let us go dierchomai across to eis the ho other peran side of the ho lake limnē.” So kai they put out anagō from shore . 23 As they autos were sailing pleō along , · de he fell asleep aphypnoō, and kai a windstorm lailaps swept katabainō down on eis the ho lake limnē and kai they were being swamped symplēroō and kai were in danger kindyneuō. 24 They went proserchomai · de to Jesus and woke diegeirō him autos up , saying legō, “ Master epistatēs, Master epistatēs, we are about to perish apollymi!” Having been awakened diegeirō he ho · de rebuked epitimaō the ho wind anemos and kai the ho raging klydōn of the ho water hydōr, and kai they stopped pauō, and kai there was ginomai a calm galēnē. 25 He said legō · de to them autos, “ Where pou is · ho your hymeis faith pistis?” They were afraid phobeomai · de and amazed thaumazō, saying legō to pros one allēlōn another , “ Who tis, then ara, is eimi this houtos that hoti he commands epitassō even kai the ho winds anemos and kai the ho water hydōr and kai they obey hypakouō him autos?”

26 Then kai they came katapleō to land in eis the ho region chōra of the ho Gerasenes Gerasēnos, which hostis is eimi across antipera the lake from ho Galilee Galilaia. 27 When he autos stepped exerchomai out · de on epi the ho land , a tis man anēr from ek the ho town polis met hypantaō him, who was possessed echō by demons daimonion, and kai for a long hikanos time chronos had not ou worn endyō clothes himation or kai had menō not ou lived menō in en a house oikia but alla among en the ho tombs mnēma. 28 When he saw · de · ho Jesus Iēsous, he cried anakrazō out and fell prospiptō prostate before him autos and kai in a loud megas voice phōnē said legō, “ What tis have I egō · kai to do with you sy, Jesus Iēsous, Son hyios of the ho Most High hypsistos God theos? · ho I beg deomai you sy, do basanizō not torment basanizō me egō!?” 29 For gar Jesus had commanded parangellō the ho unclean akathartos spirit pneuma · ho to come exerchomai out of apo the ho man anthrōpos; for gar many polys times chronos it had seized synarpazō him autos and kai he was kept desmeuō under guard and bound phylassō with chains halysis and kai shackles pedē, yet kai he would break his ho bonds desmos and be driven elaunō by hypo the ho demon daimonion into eis the ho desert erēmos. 30 Jesus Iēsous asked eperōtaō · de him autos, · ho What tis is eimi your sy name onoma?” And de he ho said legō, “ Legion legiōn.” ( For hoti many polys demons daimonion had entered eiserchomai into eis him autos.) 31 And kai they begged parakaleō him autos not to hina order epitassō them autos to go away aperchomai into eis the ho abyss abyssos.

32 A large hikanos herd agelē of pigs choiros was eimi · de grazing boskō there ekei on en the ho hillside oros; and kai the demons begged parakaleō Jesus autos to hina permit epitrepō them autos to go eiserchomai into eis them ekeinos, and kai he gave epitrepō them autos permission . 33 The ho demons daimonion came exerchomai out · de of apo the ho man anthrōpos and went eiserchomai into eis the ho pigs choiros, and kai the ho herd agelē rushed hormaō down kata the ho steep krēmnos bank into eis the ho lake limnē and kai drowned apopnigō.

34 When the ho herdsmen boskō saw · de what ho had happened ginomai, they fled pheugō and kai reported apangellō it in eis the ho town polis and kai in eis the ho countryside agros. 35 Then de people went exerchomai out to see what ho happened ginomai, and kai they came erchomai to pros · ho Jesus Iēsous and kai found heuriskō the ho man anthrōpos from apo whom hos the ho demons daimonion had come out exerchomai, sitting kathēmai at para the ho feet pous of ho Jesus Iēsous, dressed himatizō and kai in his right mind sōphroneō; and kai they were afraid phobeomai. 36 Those ho who had seen it told apangellō · de them autos how pōs the ho demon-possessed man daimonizomai had been healed sōzō. 37 Then kai all hapas the ho people plēthos of the ho surrounding region perichōros of the ho Gerasenes Gerasēnos asked erōtaō Jesus autos to go aperchomai away from apo them autos, because hoti they were seized with synechō a great megas fear phobos. So de he autos got embainō into eis a boat ploion and returned hypostrephō. 38 But de the ho man anēr from apo whom hos the ho demons daimonion had gone out exerchomai begged deomai to go eimi with syn him autos, but de Jesus sent apolyō him autos away, saying legō, 39  Return hypostrephō to eis · ho your sy house oikos and kai declare diēgeomai how hosos much God theos has done poieō for you sy.” · ho And kai he went aperchomai about kata the ho whole holos city polis proclaiming kēryssō what hosos Jesus Iēsous had done poieō for him autos. · ho

40 As en · de · ho Jesus Iēsous was returning hypostrephō · ho the ho crowd ochlos welcomed apodechomai him autos, for gar they were eimi all pas waiting prosdokaō for him autos. 41 Just kai then there came erchomai a man anēr named hos onoma Jairus Iairos. · kai This houtos man was hyparchō a ruler archōn of the ho synagogue synagōgē, and kai he fell piptō at para the ho feet pous of ho Jesus Iēsous and implored parakaleō him autos to come eiserchomai into eis · ho his autos house oikos, 42 because hoti he autos had eimi an only monogenēs daughter thugatēr, about hōs twelve dōdeka years etos old, and kai she autos was dying apothnēskō. As en · de · ho he autos went hypagō, the ho crowds ochlos were pressing sympnigō in on him autos. 43 Now kai there was eimi a woman gynē who had en suffered a flow rhysis of blood haima for apo twelve dōdeka years etos, but she hostis was not ou able ischuō to be healed therapeuō by apo anyone oudeis. 44 She came proserchomai up behind opisthen him and touched haptō the ho edge kraspedon of ho his autos cloak himation and kai at once parachrēma her autos flow rhysis of ho blood haima stopped histēmi. · ho 45 And kai Jesus Iēsous said legō, · ho Who tis was it who ho touched haptō me egō?” As everyone pas denied arneomai it, · de Peter Petros said legō, · ho Master epistatēs, the ho crowds ochlos are pressing synechō in on all sides and kai crowding apothlibō you sy.” 46 · ho But de Jesus Iēsous said legō, “ Someone tis touched haptō me egō, for gar I egō was aware ginōskō of power dynamis going exerchomai out from apo me egō.” 47 Seeing · de that hoti she had lanthanō not ou escaped notice lanthanō, the ho woman gynē stepped erchomai forward , trembling tremō, and kai fell prospiptō down before him autos. She declared apangellō in the presence of enōpion all pas the ho people laos why dia hos she had touched haptō him autos and kai how hōs she had been healed iaomai at once parachrēma. 48 Then de Jesus ho said legō to her autos, “ Daughter thugatēr, · ho your sy faith pistis has made sōzō you sy well ; go poreuō in eis peace eirēnē.” 49 While he autos was still eti speaking laleō, someone tis came erchomai from para the house of the ho synagogue-ruler archisynagōgos, saying legō, “ Your sy daughter thugatēr is dead thnēskō; · ho do not mēketi bother skyllō the ho Teacher didaskalos any longer.” 50 · ho · de When Jesus Iēsous heard akouō this, he said apokrinomai to him autos, “ Do not be afraid phobeomai, only monon believe pisteuō, and kai she will get better sōzō.” 51 When he went erchomai · de into eis the ho house oikia he did not ou allow aphiēmi anyone tis to go eiserchomai in with syn him autos except ei mē Peter Petros and kai John Iōannēs and kai James Iakōbos, and kai the ho father patēr of the ho child pais and kai her ho mother mētēr. 52 And de all pas the people were weeping klaiō and kai mourning koptō for her autos. He ho · de said legō, “ Stop weeping klaiō, for gar she did not ou die apothnēskō; but alla is sleeping katheudō.” 53 And kai they laughed katagelaō at him autos, knowing oida that hoti she had died apothnēskō. 54 But de taking krateō her autos by krateō the ho hand cheir, he autos called phōneō out , saying legō, · ho Child pais, arise egeirō!” 55 And kai her autos spirit pneuma returned epistrephō, · ho and kai she got anistēmi up at once parachrēma. · kai He commanded diatassō that something be given didōmi her autos to eat esthiō. 56 · kai Her autos parents goneus were astonished existēmi; · ho but de he ho ordered parangellō them autos to tell legō no mēdeis one what ho had happened ginomai.

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