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9–10 Simon Peter and the other fishermen—including his fishing partners, Jacob[a] and John, the sons of Zebedee—were awestruck over the miracle catch of fish.

Jesus answered, “Do not yield to your fear, Simon Peter. From now on you will catch men for salvation!”[b]

11 After pulling their boats to the shore, they left everything behind and followed Jesus.[c]

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  1. Luke 5:9 Or “James.” Both Greek and Aramaic leave the Hebrew name as it is, Jacob. This translation will use Jacob throughout.
  2. Luke 5:9 Translated literally from the Aramaic text. The Greek word zoogreo is a compound word of zoos (meaning “life”) and agreuo (meaning “to catch”). Fishermen catch fish that die and are consumed, but Peter was to catch men and give them life and freedom.
  3. Luke 5:11 When you leave everything behind to follow Jesus, you are actually in the position to have it all. Jesus will be your everything. Later, Peter will once again leave his nets behind to swim to Jesus. See John 21:4-8.

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