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49 And behold— I am sending-forth the promise[a] of My Father upon you. But you sit in the city[b] until which time you put-on[c] power from on-high”.

Jesus Ascends Into Heaven

50 And He led them outside[d] until near Bethany. And having lifted-up His hands, He blessed them. 51 And it came about during His blessing them that He separated[e] from them, and was being carried-up[f] into heaven.

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  1. Luke 24:49 That is, the Holy Spirit.
  2. Luke 24:49 That is, Jerusalem.
  3. Luke 24:49 Or, clothe-yourselves-with.
  4. Luke 24:50 That is, outside the city, v 49.
  5. Luke 24:51 Or, parted.
  6. Luke 24:51 Or, taken-up.