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46 Then kai Jesus Iēsous, crying phōneō out in a loud megas voice phōnē, · ho said legō, “ Father patēr, into eis your sy hands cheir I commit paratithēmi · ho my egō spirit pneuma!” Having said legō this houtos, · de he breathed ekpneō his last . 47 Now de when the ho centurion hekatontarchēs saw what ho had happened ginomai, he praised doxazō · ho God theos, saying legō, “ Truly ontōs · ho this houtos man anthrōpos was eimi righteous dikaios!”

48 And kai when all pas the ho crowds ochlos who had gathered symparaginomai for epi · ho this houtos spectacle theōria saw theōreō what ho had happened ginomai, they returned hypostrephō home, beating typtō their ho breasts stēthos.

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