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24 Pilate caved in to the crowd and ordered that the will of the people be done. 25 Then he released the guilty murderer Barabbas, as they had insisted, and handed Jesus over to be crucified.

The Crucifixion of Jesus

26 As the guards led Jesus to be crucified, there was an African man in the crowd named Simon, from Libya.[a] He had just arrived from a rural village to keep the Feast of the Passover. The guards laid Jesus’ cross on Simon’s shoulders[b] and forced him to walk behind Jesus and carry his cross.

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  1. Luke 23:26 The text is literally “from Cyrene,” which is present-day Tripoli, Libya.
  2. Luke 23:26 By this time Jesus had been severely beaten and flogged, had gone days without sleep, and was carrying a heavy load. Presumably this is why Simon was compelled to carry the cross for him.