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24 So kai Pilate Pilatos decided epikrinō that their autos demand aitēma should be granted ginomai. · ho 25 He released apolyō · de the ho man who had been thrown ballō into eis prison phylakē for dia insurrection stasis and kai murder phonos, for whom hos they asked aiteō, but de he handed over paradidōmi · ho Jesus Iēsous to ho their autos will thelēma.

26 · kai As hōs they led apagō him autos away , they took epilambanomai hold of a certain tis Simon Simōn of Cyrene Kyrēnaios, who was coming erchomai in from apo the countryside agros, and put epitithēmi the ho cross stauros on him autos to carry pherō it behind opisthen · ho Jesus Iēsous.

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